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  • Japanese knotweed. Photo Anneli Salo

    Japanese knotweed. Photo Anneli Salo

    A report ‘Invasive Non-native Species‘ from a group of British MPs has warned that non-native species are invading Britain at an unprecedented rate. An invasive species like Japanese knotweed is already costing £1.5 billion a year to eradicate.… read more

  • 800px-Kew_Gardens_Pagoda

    Kew Gardens, the UK horticultural ‘mothership’ is facing huge budget cuts - mainly affecting its science and education staff – after a £5 million revenue shortfall.… read more

  • garden centre

    UK’s The Garden Centre Group has reported a 50% profit jump in the last financial year to £42.7 million ($70.8 million USD). Originally a disparate group of over 100 separate gardening retailers, Terra Firma, equity owner of The GCG since 2012, has worked to integrate the mostly family-owned businesses…..and it continues to expand.… read more

  • Arabidopsis_thaliana_inflorescence

    New research from the University of Wisconsin has found that plants use very fast calcium ‘waves’ to send information around the plant about insect attack and other stressors.… read more

  • The Chelsea Fringe Festival continues to expand, with satellite events planned as far away as Melbourne, Vienna and Ljubljana.… read more

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  • Bumblebee Bombus terrestris Photo  Alvesgaspar

    Bumblebee Bombus terrestris Photo Alvesgaspar

    Bumblebees in Europe are in BIG trouble, with 24% of known species now threatened with extinction from a combination of climate change, habitat loss and farming practices. Their loss will have flow-on consequences for both food security and associated plant species.… read more

  • Japan’s East Japan Railway Company is increasing the number of Soradofarms on top of its main city stations.

    photo02… read more

  • Holy Quran Park Dubai

    Holy Quran Park Dubai

    The UAE has hosted its first ever landscaping show – surprisingly in the rain – and also has several major landscaping projects underway, such the Holy Quran Park and unusual Dubai Frame.… read more

  • Peony Canary Brilliants

    Peony Canary Brilliants

    Several new hybrid peonies will be released to the public at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014. All intersectional crosses between tree peonies and herbaceous peonies,… read more

  • tulips

    Asia’s brilliant spring bulb display gardens at Srinagar, Kashmir, India are open to the public again until 10 May with a special Spring Festival 12-14 April 2014.… read more

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