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  • Myrtle rust

    Tassie gardeners be vigilant! MYRTLE RUST, which is having a devastating effect on many mainland Australian plants, has finally reached Tasmania. You can help to eradicate it.… read more

  • bees-18192_640

    MUSHROOMS can save our honey bees? Not usually an association you’d think of, but it seems that mushrooms might hold a key to preventing Colony Collapse Disorder.… read more

  • Southwest's drying climate 2050-2100CE

    New climate modelling shows that the USA’s Southwest and Central Plains are likely headed for a megadrought in the 21st century that could last 35 years – worse than the one that forced Pueblo Indians to abandon the region one thousand years ago.… read more

  • rhs-logo-horizontal

    The Royal Horticultural Society UK has announced its annual awards for contributions to horticulture, including the prestigious Veitch Memorial Medal.… read more

  • donotmove-vert

    Banana home growers in Darwin must destroy all banana plants in their gardens in a government program to contain the banana freckle outbreak. But is this really necessary?… read more

  • Nasturtium by Jill

    Nasturtium by Jill Chuckowree

    Tasmania is hosting a wonderful botanical art exhibition at historic Port Arthur. Port Arthur: Exotic Garden – unlocking the botanical journeys is on until March 6, 2015.… read more

  • hidden logo medium res

    hidden Design Festival in Sydney 14-15 March now has a BUS TOUR so out-of-towners can easily get around to see a great selection of gardens.… read more

  • Hamilton Gardens Tudor Garden

    New Zealand’s famous Hamilton Gardens has added to its collection of Fantasy Gardens with a new Tudor Garden opening this Thursday, January 29, 2015.… read more

  • sky6

    Critics hit the roof garden. Controversy is raging over London’s new ‘Walkie Talkie’ building at 20 Fenchurch Street. Although City planning permission required a ‘publicly accessible’ roof garden, it turns out the roof is a little less than garden, and a lot less public.… read more

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  • another-tick-picDid you know that tick bites can cause an allergy to red meat called Mammalian Meat Allergy? This fascinating short vid from ABC’s Catalyst science program explains how MMA is caused and also the definitive way to remove ticks – FREEZE don’t TWEEZE.… read more

  • Chocolate Swirl

    Will chocolate go the way of the tasteless tomato? Climate change is pushing chocolate growers to embrace newer clones, many of which are less flavoursome than the older, more disease-prone varieties.… read more

  • day9-2

    Can watering plants with water that’s been microwave-boiled, then cooled, kill them? I was recently alerted to this silly myth doing the rounds on the internet when explaining to a young acquaintance why I prefer to microwave-cook my vegies. So it seems it’s still duping people with its apparent ‘scientific’ evidence, so here’s a bit of my own debunking.… read more

  • Sometimes when you’re out driving around, you see the saddest things. This week’s crime against gardening….

    Front garden southern TAsmania … read more

  • Growing Underground's red-veined sorrell

    Do you fancy eating herbs and microgreens that have never seen the light of day? With land becoming scarce, more fresh produce is being grown underground.… read more

  • Welford Park. Photo Charlotte Weychan

    Welford Park. Photo Charlotte Weychan

    February is snowdrop month in the UK, and Galloping Gardener Charlotte Weychan has a fabulous guide to gardens where you can see the best massed snowdrop displays.

  • Patrinia triloba. Photo Σ64

    Patrinia triloba. Photo Σ64

    Kyoto Botanical Gardens is soon to open a new greenhouse featuring some of Japan’s most rare and threatened species, a first in Japan.… read more

  • 20141107_105305

    You can still listen to Tim Entwisle and award-winning landscape designer Jim Fogarty Talking Plants from their 6 episode Radio National show by downloading the podcast or listening online.… read more

  • Volunteers on Goat Island

    VOLUNTEER GARDENERS – THE ENEMY WITHIN – this new post by Rachel Cassidy on the excellent thinkinGardens website will make you stop and reflect how unqualified and inexperienced volunteers doing something for nothing can cheapen the skills and dedication of those who’ve spent years learning and building their skills to become professional gardeners.… read more

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