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  • IGF Québec 2015

    BUZZ!!! The International Garden Festival in Québec, Canada hosted at Reford Gardens, has called for proposals for its 2015 season, from designers, artists and architects. And it’s all about the BUZZ.… read more

  • Nematode_nodules

    Herbivorous soil nematodes are microscopic parasitic pests that plague agriculture and home vegetable growers alike, infesting soil and destroying plant roots. (Yes, there are good soil nematodes but that’s another story…). Control of soil nematodes is difficult and both man-made and natural chemicals are used, but a new treatment uses good ol’ Bacillus thuringiensis, commonly found in caterpillar sprays, to new effect on nasty nematodes.… read more


    Australian Garden Show Sydney’s ambassadors are having a good time and crowds are ignoring the rain. It’s a good show this year and well worth a visit. Even in gumboots!… read more

  • OGA felled tree

    Australia’s much-loved open gardens not-for-profit, Open Gardens Australia is to close down in 2015 after operating for 27 years. OGA’s Board decision has shocked some, while leaving others nodding their heads sadly, but wisely.… read more

  • Vancouver community gardens that have flourished along a disused rail corridor for more than 10 years have been destroyed by CP Rail, despite the City of Vancouver opposing the clearing and the fight going all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.… read more

  • displayImage

    Could gardening talkback radio be racist? A British academic says yes, indeed it can.… read more

  • Photo Infrogmation of New Orleans

    Photo Infrogmation of New Orleans

    The porch, that covered area between a house and the street or garden, is making a big comeback in American house design.… read more

  • hidden logo medium res

    Following the huge (and sell-out) success of ‘hidden‘ Sydney’s first Festival of Outdoor Design which opened 21 designer gardens, courtyards and outdoor spaces to ticket holders for just one weekend, AILDM and Open Gardens Australia have announced that a 2nd ‘hidden’ will be held in early 2015.… read more

  • drought

    California : “We are facing the worst drought impact that we or our grandparents have ever seen and, more important, we have no idea when it will end.… read more

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  • Project Subway red onion dress

    What do you get when you cross a red onion with a fashionista? A dress that will bring a tear to your eyes of course.… read more

  • Edible2-300x225

    Garden on a Roll’s edible garden template

    GLEE, the huge trade show in Birmingham UK, has announced its new gardening product winners, including a jumbo kneeling pad, tomato grow pack, a pizza-box style pizza oven, patterned gumboots and gloves, super light glazed pots, a new weed cutting tool, and an on-trend insect hotel. But what’s caught my eye is the new Garden on a Roll giftbox, which is cracker of an idea.

    … read more

  • Photo Hermann Kaser

    Photo Hermann Kaser

    How gardening helped bring back Rachel Kelly from the brink of suicide is very a moving story. So many people are severely affected by mental illness at some time in their lives and for those of us stalked closely by the ‘black dog’ of depression, gardening can be a great place to become present in your own life, manage small tasks, and start to think again about the future.… read more

  • Sweet basil

    Can you believe we waste about 25% of the world’s calories by not consuming fruit and vegetables before they spoil? What could keep them fresher longer?… read more

  • Liriope 'Emerald Cascade'

    Liriope ‘Emerald Cascade’

    The ‘lean’, undecorated modern office is not a place of high productivity when compared to ‘green’, plant-filled work places.… read more

  • English spinach

    Renewable energy from spinach photosynthesis. Now that sounds like a good deal. But how will it work?… read more

  • Ken Unsworth: Harlequin's Shuttle

    Ken Unsworth: Harlequin’s Shuttle

    Worldwide call to artists and sculptors! Scenic World in the NSW Blue Mountains, is looking for international works for its April-May 2015 season, with submissions by 20 October 2014. Works are exhibited in a unique, Jurassic-like rainforest environment on the valley floor.… read more

  • 77185_web

    Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

    New research shows that plants and their parasites communicate by sharing an extraordinary amount of genetic material, which could lead to a new way to fight parasitic weeds.… read more

  • bushfire fighters

    After devastating wildfires in Victoria, Australia in 2009, a state-wide target of hazard reduction burning 5% of bushland each year was introduced. But a new study shows that in semi-arid zones, this once-every-20-year burn cycle will have serious consequences for many animals and birds.… read more

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