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  • Gardening Australia, one of Australia’s most popular gardening magazines, and for many years published by NewsLifeMedia, has been sold to niche publisher NextMedia. What might this mean for the magazine’s relationship with Gardening Australia TV?… read more

  • Rose 'Christchurch Remembers'. Breeder Rob Somerfield

    Rose ‘Christchurch Remembers’. Breeder Rob Somerfield

    New Zealand’s top rose award has gone to ‘Christchurch Remembers’ a bright red rose that honours those who died in the terrible Christchurch earthquake.… read more

  • The Sydney Royal Botanic Garden and Domain has released a report of the community consultation and feedback to its new Master Plan proposals. 35.5% were either excited or satisfied with the proposals, while 58% were concerned.… read more

  • Bactrocera dorsalis

    A global research effort has recently determined that four of the world’s most destructive agricultural fruit fly pests are actually one and the same.… read more

  • CGMMV_wmelon-fruit

    Australia Quarantine Warning – watermelon seeds contaminated with cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) have got into Australia… read more

  • Be one of the first in Australia to try the brand new Disney Fairies Trail app at the official launch at Melbourne Gardens on Sunday 30 November!


    … read more

  • Chelsea Flower Show tickets for members now available.

  • Strawberry Farm

    Photo by Rosalind Mitchell

    Exploited contract pickers in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, have been paid $2 an hour less than the minimum wage rate by strawberry farm operators.… read more

  • Photo Christine Westerback

    Photo Christine Westerback

    Highway verges, forests and railway embankments are set to become bee havens under a new UK National Pollinator Strategy.… read more

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  • GardenDrum Angus Stewart Angophora1

    Did you know that pruning off the lower branches on trees can cause them to blow over when semi-mature? Commercial tree growers who underprune tree canopies to create lollypop-shaped trees now know that it’s not just straight wind load that can cause these trees to topple.… read more

  • Soradofarm

    Urban farms are The Big Thing in the USA for 2015, with many state and city governments freeing up more land, reducing red tape and even providing grower incentives for new urban farms.… read more

  • Photo Prl42

    Photo Prl42

    Plant prices in the UK have sunk to historic 40 year lows, with many nurseries struggling to break even.… read more

  • Ragweed - Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Photo Fritzflohrreynolds

    Ragweed – Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Photo Fritzflohrreynolds

    Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) is a highly allergenic woody weed that proliferates on vacant lots, causing distress for asthma sufferers throughout North America. A new study has found that the most frequently used control method of yearly mowing makes the infestation much, much worse.… read more

  • GardenDrum lovely loam soil with earthworm

    A new research paper, published in Nature, explains how the the soil biota, including burrowing animals, fungi, bacteria, earthworms and ants shapes the terrestrial ecosystem above it, and how it will respond to climate change.… read more

  • American Chestnut Photo by Timothy Van Vliet

    American Chestnut Photo by Timothy Van Vliet

    The American chestnut, Castenea dentata, once one of the most common trees in the USA, was all but wiped out by 1950 from an introduced fungal blight. A new project wants to use GMO chestnut trees to bring it back.… read more

  • Jellyfish Barge by StudioMobile. Photo Matteo de Mayda

    Jellyfish Barge by StudioMobile. Photo Matteo de Mayda

    Italian architects Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto of StudioMobile have created the Jellyfish Barge, a floating greenhouse that can produce enough food for two families without consuming land, fresh water or energy.… read more

  • A photograph of a small, transient stream created by heavy rain and dwarfed by the might of Glencoe’s mountains wins top prize in this year’s search for the UK’s ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year. … read more

  • The French once called tomatoes ´pomme d´mour´, meaning love apple. A man from Norwich has redefined this definition with having a big heart and donating proceeds of an unusual online auction to a deserving UK charity.

    Heart shaped tomato raises money for UK Heart foundation Photo: Wikipedia

    Heart shaped tomato  Photo: Wikipedia

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