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  • Australian Landscape Conference

    The speaker lineup for the Australian Landscape Conference in Melbourne 18-22 September 2015 has been announced and there are many high profile international and local designers to enjoy.… read more

  • Winner Elyssa Sykes-Smith 'Canopy of Thoughts'

    Winner Elyssa Sykes-Smith ‘Canopy of Thoughts

    Each year, the Sculpture at Scenic World competition and exhibition at Katoomba, NSW produces yet more wonderful sculptures and installations. From the challenging to the simply beautiful, it’s a go-to for sculpture lovers.… read more

  • Frick Collection garden NYC. Photo Henk van der Eijk

    Frick Collection garden NYC. Photo Henk van der Eijk

    Russell Page is widely regarded as one of the 20th century’s greatest garden designers. So much so, that there’s new exhibition dedicated to him at the London Garden Museum – The Education of a Gardener: The Life and Work of Russell Page. But just across The Pond, why is the only surviving Russell Page garden in NYC going to be destroyed by its owner, the Frick Collection?… read more

  • 'The Rain Chain' Design Wendy Allen Photo© RHS  - Neil Hepworth

    ‘The Rain Chain’ Design Wendy Allen Photo© RHS – Neil Hepworth

    GREENING GREY BRITAIN – the RHS is calling on everyone in the UK to do their bit to turn around the decline of Britain as a ‘green and pleasant land‘. In London alone, garden areas decreased by 12% from 1998 to 2008, mainly through the paving of front gardens for city parking.… read more

  • Can you see it? Sydney's new 'SHDA'

    Can you see it? Sydney’s new ‘SHDA’

    Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens is gearing up for its 200th birthday next year and it’s going to be HUGE. Think everything from flower-shaped fireworks on NYE through to an artwork to rival Christo’s wrapping of Little Bay on to a new horticultural display centre opening in June 2016. Yes, the old Tropical Centre is about to bite the dust.… read more

  • GardenDrum Adam Woodhams aphids on sow thistle

    New research at the University of Missouri has found that plants’ know’ what’s attacking them and vary their defences accordingly.… read more

  • The Food Forest MIFGS 2015

    GardenDrum author Phillip Withers has won a Silver Award and the highly-prized Honda Sustainability Award at the 2015 Melbourne garden show (MIFGS) for his ‘Food Forest’.… read more

  • 800px-Kirstenbosch_-_View_from_the_Botanical_Gardens

    Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is the 2015 International Garden of the Year, awarded by the International Garden Tourism Network.… read more

  • Scotland’s allotment holders say the future of allotments is under threat from new government legislation designed to cut waiting times.… read more

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  • Blue-banded bee Photo by aussiegall

    Blue-banded bee Photo by aussiegall

    Is your garden mulching habit destroying essential bee-nesting habitat? Many native bee species around the world make their nests in the ground. Have you buried some alive?… read more

  • Aerial view of Pier 55 Heatherwick Studio

    Aerial view of Pier 55. Courtesy Heatherwick Studio

    If you’d like a new city park, why not build an island? Heatherwick Studio has designed a new Pier55 park and performance space spreading above the Hudson River on Manhattan’s Lower West side in New York. Could it rival the famous High Line?

    … read more

  • Do you understand what fracking is? I know it’s short for hydraulic fracturing and it’s to do with gas extraction, but since I’ve watched this 5 minute video, I understand the process much more clearly, plus both the potential negative….and short-term positives.

  • Benidorm_Playground

    We think about playgrounds for kids, but we also need playgrounds for seniors, both for their physical and mental well-being.… read more

  • Bombay1

    Where is this exciting new Thomas Heatherwick designed glasshouse?… read more

  • drought

    The California drought deepens, with state reservoirs holding only 1 year of water and the Sierra Nevada snow melt at 5% of normal levels. And despite calls by Governor Jerry Brown for Californians to reduce their water consumption, in southern areas in February it INCREASED!… read more

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently published a report by the International Agency for Cancer Research which says that using gylphosate is “probably” linked to cancer. Should we be worried?… read more

  • ST-with-basket-produce-4John-Hemmings-resized-300x199

    See Sophie Thomson’s iconic arid-land Hamlyn Cottage Garden in the Adelaide Hills over the Easter break, Saturday 4 April – Tuesday 7 April 2015.… read more

  • PikiWiki_Israel_29317_Methuselah_date_palm_from_Massada_ruines_in_kibbu

    ‘Methuselah’, the Judean date palm germinated 10 years ago from 2000 year old seed, has proven that age is no barrier to fatherhood, with his pollen producing a healthy cross-species date palm. … read more

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