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  • drought

    California : “We are facing the worst drought impact that we or our grandparents have ever seen and, more important, we have no idea when it will end.… read more

  • Barn swallow. Photo Malene Thyssen

    Barn swallow. Photo Malene Thyssen

    A new study in the journal Nature connects neonicotinoids (and imidacloprid in particular) to a serious decline in insectivorous bird numbers in The Netherlands.… read more

  • Lucinda FlemerLucinda Flemer, founder of the extraordinary Kingsbrae Garden in New Brunswick, has been awarded one of Canada’s top honours, Member of the Order of Canada. Ms Flemer made a garden that everyone said was impossible…..except her.… read more

  • Essence of Australia garden

    News from Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – the ‘Essence of Australia‘ garden designed by Jim Fogarty for RBG Melbourne has been awarded GOLD and BEST IN SHOW.… read more

  • 57c11315-0398-4516-82ea-7af818408da9


    Domaine Chaumont-sur-Loire Nocturnes 2014: The International Garden Festival in France has opened its night garden season, featuring 2 events: ‘Gardens of Light’ and ‘Magical Nights’.… read more

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  • sam_van_aken_harvest_2013_07-465x700

    Artist, grower and conservationist Sam van Aken in New York has created the Tree of 40 Fruits - a fruit tree with 40 different heirloom varieties of stone fruit grafted on to one rootstock. How does he do it?… read more

  • Design Phillip Withers 'My Island Home' AGSS 2014 copy

    Here’s a sneak peek at Phillip Withers’ design for the upcoming 2014 Australian Garden Show Sydney, ‘My Island Home. It’s little piece of paradise for your home.… read more

  • High Tea (r)

    Fancy a spot of Bush Tucker High Tea on August 4? Join Nutrition Plus (which works in schools to bring healthy diets to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children) in Shortland, NSW, for high tea and an impressive line up of guest speakers.… read more

  • Photo Dave M Benett: Getty Images for Essence of Australia Partners

    Photo Dave M Benett: Getty Images for Essence of Australia Partners

    At last week’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in the UK, another Australian-designed garden triumphed with Gold and a ‘Best in Show’… read more

  • Citrix hystrix, makrut lime

    Makrut lime. Photo francisgoh

    What do you call Citrus hystrix? Kaffir lime, or makrut lime? Chances are it’s the first one, but did you know what an offensively racist term that is?… read more

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