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  • plant communication

    How do plants ‘know’ when they’re growing in a biodiverse community? Good question. But it seems that they do; and they thrive on it.… read more

  • Timandra Landscape Design

    Timandra Landscape Design

    Landscaping Victoria has announced its 2014 Awards. Melbourne’s Docklands project, built by Australian Native Landscape Constructions project won Landscape of the Year. And Timandra Landscape Design – owned by one-time GardenDrum author, Alison Aplin and her husband David has won a well-deserved ‘The Sustainable Landscape‘ award for its Narrawong garden in SW Victoria.

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  • A new garden show. In Detroit?  A city known more for cars than carnations will be hosting a six-day international flower competition and exhibition June 16-21, 2015. It will be quite a grand event to fit a suitable title – the Word Cup of Gardening.… read more

  • corn-43312_640

    Plant banks win against GMOs – maize varieties bred for drought resistance using saved seed in international plant banks are often years ahead of GMO varieties, the journal Nature has reported.… read more

  • LEAF Award One Central Park Sydney Best Sustainable and Overall winner

    One Central Park. Photo LEAF

    The LEAF awards for innovative architecture have just been announced in Düsseldorf/Neuss and the Overall Winner is One Central Park in Sydney. Already a much-loved and admired building by locals, the way it incorporates plants into its overall design is a big reason for its popularity.… read more

  • Japan Gardening World Cup 2014 Best in Show. Design Paul Hervey-Brookes. Photo Leon Kluge

    Japan Gardening World Cup 2014 Best in Show. Design Paul Hervey-Brookes. Photo Leon Kluge

    UK designer Paul Hervey-Brookes has won gold and Best in Show at the Gardening World Cup 2014 in Japan. … read more

  • Indian Char Bagh garden, Hamilton Gardens NZ

    Indian Char Bagh garden, Hamilton Gardens NZ

    Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand has won the prestigious Garden of the Year from the International Garden Tourism Council. Made up of 20 different gardens, from historical gardens, landscape, edible and even fantasy gardens, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – and soon there will be even more!

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  • House for Trees Design Vo Trong Nghia Architects

    House for Trees, an innovative project in Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia Architects has won a World Architecture Festival Award.… read more

  • A phytochemical in the leaves of Hibiscus mutabilis, commonly called Confederate Rose, offers the possibility of a new treatment to Type 2 diabetics.

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  • Urban heat buildup in Sydney

    Researchers predict that summer temperatures in Melbourne could peak at over 48ºC (119ºF) by 2020, causing a wave of heat-related deaths, especially where people have to be outside, like waiting for public transport. How can smart urban design save the day?… read more

  • honey-bees-7447_640

    How to BEE-come a plant doctor! A new technique developed in Adelaide uses bees to deliver fungal disease control to cherry orchards.… read more

  • 500px-Electron_shell_015_Phosphorus_(polyatomic_nonmetal)_-_no_label.svg

    Phosphorus, essential for good plant growth and sustaining crop yields around the world is a vulnerable and finite resource. And yet there’s no international or even local governance on how it’s used so everyone, from local gardeners to big agri business will one day face phosphorous insecurity.… read more

  • tomato brown

    How long does a tomato seed last? About 150 years it seems, even after you’ve eaten it! Archeologists in Illinois have dug up tomato seeds from an old 1850s privy. And some germinated.… read more

  • The truly frightful NSW 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Rule Code is up for review. While we all worry about bushfires near our home, the results of this new code have been indiscriminate tree clearing at an alarming rate. If you care about preserving our tree cover, HAVE YOUR SAY!… read more

  • Can’t stand your no-longer wanted plants going to waste? Don’t compost the better ones, donate them to Preloved Roots in Sydney which takes and resells unwanted and surplus plants, rescuing and rehoming them with a new owner.… read more

  • gardening tools

    Libraries aren’t just about books – Grow Pittsburgh, a community not-for-profit that encourages people to get gardening has started a new lending library for gardening tools.… read more

  • Ceramics by Katherine Mahoney

    Artisans in the Gardens at Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney has become a go-to event for discovering artistic talent and finding works with a garden-focus. Among a who’s who of more than 50 Australian artisans, the 2014 show will feature beautiful ceramics by Katherine Mahoney.… read more

  • Fall foliage colors in Vemont

    Where do you find the best fall color in the USA? It depends on whether you prefer a golden hickory, scarlet maple or deep burgundy dogwood but there are drives from now until end November for all palettes.… read more

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