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  • Hamilton Gardens Tudor Garden

    New Zealand’s famous Hamilton Gardens has added to its collection of Fantasy Gardens with a new Tudor Garden opening this Thursday, January 29, 2015.… read more

  • sky6

    Critics hit the roof garden. Controversy is raging over London’s new ‘Walkie Talkie’ building at 20 Fenchurch Street. Although City planning permission required a ‘publicly accessible’ roof garden, it turns out the roof is a little less than garden, and a lot less public.… read more

  • L-Arbre-Vent_NewWind

    Wind turbines are often criticised for their ugliness on our ridgelines or their disturbing noise but French engineers at NewWind have come up with an ingenious solution. An energetic tree.… read more

  • GardenDrum lovely loam soil with earthworm

    Pay dirt! Scientists have found a very promising new antibiotic called teixobactin among many thousands of soil bacteria.… read more

  • The Separation Tree shows a healthy canopy

    The Separation Tree with a healthy canopy in 2012

    Sad news that the historically significant Separation Tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, has given up the fight after 2 major vandalism attacks. Despite acute care and some clever grafting work, the magnificent 400 year old river red gum is dying.… read more

  • ALittleChaos-1.155356

    I can’t believe it. We have a big-budget blockbuster movie about a landscape designer! Starring the gorgeous Kate Winslet as Sabine, it tells the story of a landscape designer chosen to build one of the new gardens at Versailles. With Matthias Schoenaerts as André Le Notre and Alan Rickman as Louis XIV, ‘A Little Chaos‘ will arrive on screens in March 2015. Here’s the trailer….… read more

  • Gardening Australia, one of Australia’s most popular gardening magazines, and for many years published by NewsLifeMedia, has been sold to niche publisher NextMedia. What might this mean for the magazine’s relationship with Gardening Australia TV?… read more

  • Rose 'Christchurch Remembers'. Breeder Rob Somerfield

    Rose ‘Christchurch Remembers’. Breeder Rob Somerfield

    New Zealand’s top rose award has gone to ‘Christchurch Remembers’ a bright red rose that honours those who died in the terrible Christchurch earthquake.… read more

  • The Sydney Royal Botanic Garden and Domain has released a report of the community consultation and feedback to its new Master Plan proposals. 35.5% were either excited or satisfied with the proposals, while 58% were concerned.… read more

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  • Welford Park. Photo Charlotte Weychan

    Welford Park. Photo Charlotte Weychan

    February is snowdrop month in the UK, and Galloping Gardener Charlotte Weychan has a fabulous guide to gardens where you can see the best massed snowdrop displays.

  • Patrinia triloba. Photo Σ64

    Patrinia triloba. Photo Σ64

    Kyoto Botanical Gardens is soon to open a new greenhouse featuring some of Japan’s most rare and threatened species, a first in Japan.… read more

  • 20141107_105305

    You can still listen to Tim Entwisle and award-winning landscape designer Jim Fogarty Talking Plants from their 6 episode Radio National show by downloading the podcast or listening online.… read more

  • Volunteers on Goat Island

    VOLUNTEER GARDENERS – THE ENEMY WITHIN – this new post by Rachel Cassidy on the excellent thinkinGardens website will make you stop and reflect how unqualified and inexperienced volunteers doing something for nothing can cheapen the skills and dedication of those who’ve spent years learning and building their skills to become professional gardeners.… read more

  • Johnny Georges survived his pitch on America’s ‘Shark Tank’ TV show last year, and walked away with a billionaire investment partner for his patented Tree T-Pee plant protector, which reduces a young tree’s irrigation needs in dry environments to less than 10% of conventional irrigation. How does it work?

    … read more

  • Water-droplets-on-hydrophobic-sandy-soil

    Petrichor is that amazing smell you get when rain first hits the soil after a long period of dry. But how does that happen?… read more

  • feedtheseed-logo-only

    Please help fund this essential tropical-zone book that guides subsistence farmers throughout south-east Asia in permaculture techniques so they can care for their land, grow better crops and break out of poverty.… read more

  • Cut Paw Paw house Photo Peter Bennetts

    Cut Paw Paw house Photo Peter Bennetts

    I’ve written a gazillion times about houses that “blur the lines between inside and out“, usually meaning there’s just some large sliding doors onto a deck or garden. But here’s an architect who doesn’t blur the lines. He rubs them out.… read more

  • GardenDrum Karen Hall toadstools are a popular sight at Wychwood

    Do you know about morels, corals, jellies, bolettes, pins and puffballs? Australians keen to identify mysterious fungi in their home gardens can access this fantastic online identification guide.… read more

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