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  • Strawberry Farm owner caught out by Fair work ombudsman as two employers found to be incorrectly paying staff.

  • Photo Christine Westerback

    Photo Christine Westerback

    Highway verges, forests and railway embankments are set to become bee havens under a new UK National Pollinator Strategy.… read more

  • Mark1

    Plant ecologist Professor Mark Westoby of Macquarie University is the 2014 NSW Scientist of the Year.… read more

  • Syngenta and Bayer, large scale manufacturers of neonic insecticides, are lobbying strongly for the EU’s temporary ban on neonics to be overturned and are even threatening to sue EU officials involved in the publication of a report which led to the ban.… read more

  • Japanese knotweed. Photo Leonora Enking

    Japanese knotweed. Photo Leonora Enking

    Could you end up with a criminal record for growing a weed (no, not even that one). In the UK the answer is yes!… read more

  • Individual winner Jai O'Dea, 7 years 412px_275px

    Seven year old Jia O’Dea from Queensland has won the Yates Junior Landcare Challenge for her crop of radishes.… read more

  • Garden design at Garden Designs Live Sydney

    Glenice Buck Designs has won a coveted Gold Medal from Grand Designs Live gurus Kevin McCloud and Peter Maddison in Sydney.… read more

  • plant communication

    How do plants ‘know’ when they’re growing in a biodiverse community? Good question. But it seems that they do; and they thrive on it.… read more

  • Timandra Landscape Design

    Timandra Landscape Design

    Landscaping Victoria has announced its 2014 Awards. Melbourne’s Docklands project, built by Australian Native Landscape Constructions project won Landscape of the Year. And Timandra Landscape Design – owned by one-time GardenDrum author, Alison Aplin and her husband David has won a well-deserved ‘The Sustainable Landscape‘ award for its Narrawong garden in SW Victoria.

    … read more

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  • Coffee was once considered Satanic? I guess you can see where they were coming from as it does have a hold on those that get stung by the addiction.

  • Why, and how should we preserve 20th century gardens? The UK National Trust’s recent rejection of a gifting of Sir Roy Strong’s ‘The Laskett’ garden has fuelled debate about both garden quality and the ways such gardens should be kept and preserved into the future.… read more

  • Fractal geometry and global warming

    What do fractal geometry, a single rainforest tree, and global warming have to do with each other? This fascinating video explains all.… read more

  • Have you got the ugliest view from your backyard and can’t work out how to hide it? Try a ‘movie wall’ which gives privacy without making you feel boxed in.… read more

  • RRD

    There’s hope that new USDA funding into research on Rose Rosette Disease (RRD), which is devastating rose plantings throughout much of the USA, will help find ways to halt or treat the disease.… read more

  • Gallipoli Centenary Rose

    2015 in Australia will see a wave of Gallipoli campaign 100th anniversary products, including a new Gallipoli Centenary Rose, introduced by Treloar Roses in conjunction with the ANZAC Day Commemorative Committee (ADCC). … read more

  • Halloween

     I use to rail against Halloween but now I love it. I’ve realised it’s the only time that pedestrians – and particularly kids – can now claim the streets as their own. … read more

  • 'Vitality' at Grand Designs Live, Melbourne 2014. Design Stephen Read

    An intriguing show garden won Gold at Grand Designs Live, Melbourne. ‘Vitality‘ by designer Stephen Read takes a tub outside – but this bath in a garden is much cleverer than that.… read more

  • Urban heat buildup in Sydney

    Researchers predict that summer temperatures in Melbourne could peak at over 48ºC (119ºF) by 2020, causing a wave of heat-related deaths, especially where people have to be outside, like waiting for public transport. How can smart urban design save the day?… read more

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