How to transplant fruit trees

I squashed many fruit trees into my old garden. Some, like the plums (Narrabeen, Satsuma, Green Gage and Coe’s Golden Drop) were planted after I shook hands on the boundary realignment deal a few years ago, so that I’d have advanced specimens to transplant in (hopefully) the next winter. Others, like the macadamia and two avocados, were planted just before my neighbours put ‘James Stirling’ pittosporums and photinias along the boundaries. And others – like the white sapote (Casimiroa edulis), dwarf persimmon (‘Jiro Dwarf’) and dwarf ‘Trixzie’ pear were ones planted in less than ideal spots simply because I had nowhere else to put them. Continue reading

Snowy Mountains wildflowers

The wildflowers of the Snowy Mountains are truly one of Australia’s great botanical treasures. During mid-summer the high plains around Mt. Kosciuszko are lit up with a succession of wildflowers various daisies such as everlastings, billy buttons (Craspedia sp), and little Brachyscome daisies. Continue reading

Graffiti grief – top tips to avoid problem graffiti

The writing is on the wall. Yesterday when I went for a drive around my city I saw graffiti everywhere – along the main highway and roads, on fences, garage doors, gates, public utilities and even tree trunks. I know it’s only paint, but ugly and (to most) meaningless tags all over your front garden walls, street signs, power poles is somehow really depressing. Continue reading

Foliage plants for under a eucalypt tree canopy

I’m establishing a small rainforest section of foliage plants under a canopy of eucalypt trees in my ‘Middle Garden’. This is currently my favourite part of the garden. The middle garden consists of a canopy of numerous Eucalyptus leucoxylon. When we moved in 3 years ago, these beautiful trees had lots of dead wood through them, starting at ground level. No formative pruning had been done; the trees were just planted and left. Fortunately there was a deep deposit of decaying mulch at the base that would be excellent for my new garden. Continue reading

A gentle warning of dittander

Winter in Europe, apart from admiring flowers that defy the frost and pondering on structural strengths and weaknesses in a garden, is time for reflection and planning ahead. And to admit mistakes and think about ways of rectifying those. Continue reading


For me, summertime in the garden is about all hot gaudy colours, and in my mind, no flower does that better than the dahlia. A few of these flamboyant daisies Continue reading