Late season grasses

It’s no secret that I have a passion for grasses – anyone who has visited my Wychwood garden in northern Tasmania knows it only too well. I discovered them not long after I ‘got into gardening’ and haven’t looked back since. Continue reading

High summer designer plants

It’s good to be reminded of what plants fit into a bandwidth of growing conditions for the garden you might be considering. This way the plants you choose will be as close a fit as possible to those conditions, no matter what the geographic location. I call this Best Fit Gardening and you can pop along to this link where I explained it in a bit more detail in a nice little mini video for you… Continue reading

First vegies

I hadn’t intended to plant anything in the new area until winter, and I had plenty of good reasons for this. I made many mistakes on my old block. Faced by bare soil, I rushed to establish plants – any plants! Visiting nurseries was a regular fix, and I never came away without a few pots… usually one of each (never multiples – another design mistake). Working in a plant nursery didn’t help, either: something would come into flower, and I’d fall in love! And it wasn’t until I got home that I’d think about where to put it. Continue reading

No Thanksgiving for this turkey

Brush turkey, bush turkey or scrub turkey – whatever you want to call them, they are are garden destroyers. I love living in a part of Sydney where I can enjoy our local fauna. We have plenty of possums, the odd echidna, wallaby and goanna, loads of water dragons and a multitude of native birds. They are all welcome in my yard, but learning how to cohabit with brush turkeys is proving my most difficult accommodation yet. Continue reading

10 plants for a subtropical summer

Summer is in full swing with all its rain and humidity, and I’ve been thinking about the wonderful plants that thrive in this muggy weather, not just the flowers and colourful foliage, but some of the edibles too… and I thought I’d share some of my top picks with you. Continue reading

Tommy time

It’s day 26 of the year 2012 – ‘Australia Day’ for those of you with antipodean interests. One of the early spring flowers, or more accurately middle to late winter flowers, is the Early Crocus, Crocus tommasinianus. Continue reading

Native trees around Walpole, WA

I have just returned from a trip to Walpole on the south coast, which happened to coincide with the flowering of two iconic Western Australian trees – the red flowering gum, Corymbia ficifolia, and the WA Christmas tree, Nuytsia floribunda. Both are spectacular when in bloom. The red flowering gum has flowers in the red spectrum including vermillion, crimson or cream and shades in between, while the Christmas tree has striking yellowy-orange blossom. Continue reading