2 thoughts on “GardenDrum – Neutrog’s GOGO juice

  1. Hello, please tell, can GoGo juice be used in hydroponic mediums? Have you tested in hydroponic run-to-waste systems?
    Thank You.

    • Hello Cato
      Thank you for your question about the use of GoGo Juice with hydroponics.
      I have been in touch with Neutrog who state that trials have been done with good success in South Australia with tomatoes in hydroponics. The Juice is used prior to the hydroponics being commenced to get the root system growing strongly and then transferred to the regular hydroponic set-up.
      Neutrog themselves have done no testing of this product, but further trials are underway in NSW for its use.
      I have little knowledge myself about hydroponics and so your further question about run-to-waste hydroponic systems I cannot answer. Maybe one of our other readers with greater knowledge in this field can assist with this question?

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