Foliage first – Agonis

There are certain plants that really have the wow factor. One of these plant groups is the Agonis family. They are of the Myrtaceae family, the plant group prone to myrtle rust. I have been informed that this fungus has indeed been found in this plant group, but this doesn’t stop me from purchasing them. Continue reading

Peas, poetry & the scientific method

Tuesday afternoon it’s cool but sunny. I’ve been eager to plant some peas – one of my favorite garden veggies but one I did not have great success with last year – and this brisk bright afternoon seems ideal. I grab the seed packet and some tools and head out to the back deck to start the work. Continue reading

How to build a gabion wall

I’ve always loved the look of gabion walls – the subtle variation in stone colour, the texture of different rock fillings and the light and shade of stone and crevice. They’ve been around for a while in road building and industrial landscapes, but when I went to try and find out how to build a small one for myself, I found information was pretty sketchy. I didn’t want to build a retaining wall, just a small free-standing gravity gabion wall about 1m (3 ft) high. Continue reading