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In Design Elements I talk with garden designer Lesley Simpson about different ideas for your garden, what some design features actually mean and how they can shape the appearance of your garden, turning it from a bit more than ordinary to extraordinary.

Part 1 – An introduction to garden structure

Lesley explains what we mean by structure in the garden. Let’s find out more.



Part 2 – Hedges

Recently a friend of mine sent me some photos from English gardens she was visiting. The garden looked very cottagey, with blowsy perennials falling over everywhere, and disorder seemed to be the theme.  My eye couldn’t focus on anything in the picture and I felt dissatisfied with the whole effect. Natural gardens that look good are hard to achieve and  I’ve got to say my preference is for a structured look with clipped Buxus or clipped Lilly Pilly. You still can have all the garden styles or themes in such a garden. Listen to garden designer Lesley Simpson.

Part 3 – Built structures

Some people don’t like too many plants in their garden thinking that it’s too much maintenance.  Here’s a suggestion for built structures in the garden for that ordered look.




Part 4 – Planting

Can you achieve structure with everyday plants?  Let’s find out with garden designer Lesley Simpson.





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