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There are a number of fruits that are only seeded by being eaten by figbirds and other fruit eating birds, being geminated when they are passed through their digestive system and then excreted onto the ground in a fertilised pool of droppings.

Photo Jim Bendon

If you want to attract figbirds, Sphecotheres viridis to your garden, you need to plant native fruit bearing trees and shrubs, such as Persoonia (geebung), quandong and other rainforest trees, and encourage your neighbours and council to do the same.

Figbird male & female. Photo Lip Kee





Ecologist Sue Stevens mentions that the nest of the figbird is quite flimsy and information from Wires (animal rescue) in the NSW Northern Rivers Area says that the young chicks are often blown out of their nest in the strong spring winds,which is how they end up in the care of Wires. Let’s hear more…..

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