Pioneer crops – growing potatoes

I saw my first year in the patch primarily as an exciting experiment rather than an exercise in conventional food production. It was more an opportunity to see what my garden could do and to see what types of crops would perform the best. It was also the perfect chance to trial different gardening techniques to my heart’s content, as well as test my budgeting skills. Because this was the very first garden which I could pretty much do anything to, I thought I could perhaps grow a bit as a gardener as well. Continue reading

Tribute to Colin Campbell – On Saturday, Nov 3 at 10.30am, Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman, and Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk, will pay tribute to the late Colin Campbell when the Spectacle Garden in the Roma Street Parklands is renamed Colin Campbell Place. Colin was instrumental in bringing about the establishment of the Parklands.
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Aspen sunflower Photo rockychrysler

Science Friday reports that climate change is creating an earlier snow melt in the Rocky Mtns, inducing some plants like the glacier lily & Aspen sunflower to flower early, leaving them susceptible to the last hard frost in mid-June, which damages a large percentage of flower buds. A mid-summer flowering peak has also changed to an early & late summer peak, which could affect pollinators like bumblebees and ants.

Cruelty to plants

Gardeners like to think of themselves as kind, nurturing, salt-of-the-earth types who wouldn’t hurt a fly – well unless it’s a green fly or a fruit fly. And that’s the truth: we have to have a cruel, ruthless streak to be good gardeners. Continue reading

A new iPhone app from APVMA (android coming soon) gives instant info about all agricultural & gardening chemicals registered for use in Australia. A handy (& free) tool for gardeners to check whether what’s in your shed is still legal to use.

Narrow passageways

Long, narrow passageways between buildings and a boundary are always difficult. Often deeply shaded, windy and a place where you need to store bins, watertanks or tools, they can be the worst part of your garden. Take some inspiration from these great designer solutions. Continue reading

Identifying an unknown cactus genus (click photo to see)

The James Bond garden tour

I recently popped over to Plant Postings to read about the amazing garden tour of Italy Beth is planning for herself and other bloggers. I just returned from a garden tour to England and eagerly wish I could join Beth’s group.  As with most things I do, my tour was a bit unconventional. Continue reading