Garden screens

Garden screens define spaces, create mystery and add a decorative touch to any garden. You can use your imagination to add individual touches to a shelf-style divider, incorporate strong texture contrasts from timber or use the light behind to bring out the beauty of an intricate pattern. Continue reading

My Top 5 summer plants

My little corner of the world is usually pretty lucky with rainfall. I’m half an hour out of Hobart and live on tank water however there’s usually always enough for both the house and the garden. That is, until about this time of the year when I start watching it a little closer. Continue reading

Imprisonment for plant stealing?

Did you know that it’s a crime in NSW to steal a plant? The Crimes Act 1900 NSW No. 40 says : “513 Stealing shrubs etc  Whosoever steals, or destroys, or damages with intent to steal, the whole, or any part, of any tree, sapling, shrub, or plant, or any underwood shall, on conviction by the Local Court, be liable to imprisonment for six months, or to pay a fine of 5 penalty units, or both.” What do you think about that? Continue reading

Tree diseases

I’ve just been listening to a chilling account of the spread through Europe of ash dieback. It was a special on BBC Radio 4 and part of a feature on trees.It is suspected that ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea) found a foothold in Europe some 20 years ago, probably due to spore blowing in from parts of Asia. Vast areas of ash forest, including plantation and natural forests, have been denuded of these trees. Continue reading

Toilet block green roof Elizabeth Bay, Sydney

Any building can have a low-maintenance green roof. This succulent-covered public toilet block is in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney.

Plant promenade in Paris

At 10 metres above the ground, maybe 10 metres wide, nearly 5 kilometres long, and packed with trees, shrubs and views of Parisian streets, the Promenade plantée is a trend setter and worth a look next time you are in town. OK, so it’s ranked 180th in Lonely Planet’s list of 1524 things to do in Paris, but then this is about my fifth visit to Paris and I like plants. Continue reading

Kodja Rose Maze

My favourite rose garden isn’t in the green countryside of England or on the outskirts of Paris or even in an area of Australia known for rose growing. No, it’s in a country town in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia about 260 km south east of Perth. Continue reading

The truth about ‘winter interest’

Many, many thanks to everyone who took the time to send kind notes and words of wisdom after reading my last blog post about my broken teeth. I’ve already put some of your suggestions into practice and, I have to say, I’m feeling a little bit more relaxed already. In fact, I got the idea for this post the other day while sipping tea and looking out the window at the heaps of snow and ice in our backyard rather than running all around doing whatever it is I do all the time. Continue reading

Burke’s Backyard magazine folds


In a sad day for Australian gardening, Burke’s Backyard magazine will publish its final issue in March 2013. A popular gardening magazine for the past 15 years, BBY has suffered from falling circulations and advertising revenue, like most current print-based gardening publications. And what’s happening to gardening magazines world-wide? Continue reading

Jenni Woodruff’s exquisite garden

Jenni Woodruff is a quiet woman with an unerring artistic eye, as you can see in these photos of her small Melbourne back garden. Winner of the 2012 Australian House and Garden ‘Garden of the Year’ competition, she combines a skilled use of colour with excellent plant knowledge from her Certificate III in Horticulture from Melbourne’s NMIT. Continue reading