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hedge shears

A truly awful snippet. A woman has had the top of her finger cut off with hedging shears during a dispute with her neighbour in Sydney’s north. The fingertip was reattached in hospital and the man charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm.

What’s going on here? I must admit, when my neighbour gets stuck in and cuts our side hedge way back past the boundary, without any discussion, I feel inclined to make some protest. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t get my fingers in his way…..better check the neighbour’s hands on the other side!

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One thought on “Snaps, then snips

  1. Maybe her finger tip was on the wrong side of his string line ,yes i know not funny.
    People just don’t talk to there neighbours any more,i have one direct neighbour and we chat all the time,even if i don’t feel like a talk i will still give them the time of the day——-called karma.
    Do yourself a favour and give it ago it won’t hurt at all.


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