Rose VermeulenKruger National Park under flood

Flooding in Kruger NP

For the second time in 10 years, heavy rains in Kruger National Park have caused the closure of many of the park’s roads and bush camps.

Flooding in Kruger NP6 Flooding in Kruger NP3

KNP Managing Executive Abe Sibiya says “We took the decision to close bush camps so that we do not compromise the safety of our guests. On behalf of management, we apologise to all the guests for the inconvenience that might occur as a result of this temporary closure,”

Flooding in Kruger NP5The bush camps and roads that are currently closed are:

• Shisha low-level bridge (S57) leading to Sirheni Bush Camp currently flooding.

• Shimuwini low-level bridge (S141) leading Shimuwini Bush Camp.

• Bateleur is also closed due to waterlogged road leading to the bush camp.

Flooding in Kruger NP4• Nyala Drive going to Thulamela.

• S-63 loop from the T-junction to Crook’s Corner.

• Shongololo loop going to Shipandane Hide and Boulders.

• Nkulumbeni Bridge (H1-7) between Shingwedzi and Punda Maria – guests are advised to use Phalaborwa-Letaba.

• Mopani-Phalaborwa road (H14) – guests are advised to use Phalaborwa- Letaba

Flooding in Kruger NP7Sibiya said all bookings made at the affected bush camps would be transferred to the nearest camps. He added that data lines at most of the rest camps in the north were affected. He said the road and maintenance team was monitoring the situation to provide guests with alternative routes. “More roads might be closed as it is still raining. All the roads that are closed are marked with ‘No Entry’ signs or blocked with other objects. Motorists are urged not to use those roads and to drive with caution,” said Sibiya.

Flooding in Kruger NP2Guests visiting the Kruger National Park can view the latest information regarding the state of the roads at the following gates in the north:

• Phalaborwa

• Punda

• Pafuri

The Mapungubwe Interpretive Centre, which is situated within the Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site, has also been temporarily closed due to heavy rains in the area. Spokesperson, Divhani Maremba, said the heavy rains in the area were expected to continue until Sunday, January 20. Maremba said some roads had been washed away and visitors were strongly advised not to use those roads, especially if they were using small vehicles.

She said the park’s operation had not been severely affected, except the MIC. “The only camps that can be easily reached by 2×4 vehicles are Tshugulu and Leokwe. We strongly advise all our visitors to avoid crossing any low-water bridges.”

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