Tammy SchmittThe Yick Yuck Blah party

Last weekend while millions of people were digging out of a snowstorm, I decided to throw a little party called Yick Yuck Blah. But after reading the news and the stories of other bloggers whose gardens were under several feet of snow, I realized I needed to have a quick talk with myself.

And it went a little something like this:

Self: Girl, I heard you threw yourself a party because you have too much blah.

pity party

Me: I’m tired of blah. Everything is brown, brown, brown. I miss my garden.

Self: So what? At least you can find your garden! You know what I’m about to say…

whoop ass

Me: Hey, I’m still getting over the last can you opened on me. Put that away!

Self: Alright then, but you know what you need to do…

big girl panties

Me: Got it!

Self: Now get out there and find some beauty in all that blah. After all, your garden could look like this:



I bought these hyacinths on sale at the grocery store. It’s like having spring on my windowsill.



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Tammy Schmitt

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I am a passionate middle school teacher and gardener. I've gardened in South Dakota, South Carolina, and in upstate New York near the Canadian border. My current garden, in an overdeveloped suburb near Washington DC, has been my most challenging. My desire to create a true refuge for our native birds and butterflies has helped me battle unpredictable weather and compacted clay soil. My garden isn't perfect, but it's always a beautiful escape. Read my full blog at Casa Mariposa.

6 thoughts on “The Yick Yuck Blah party

  1. I love your take on life Tammy and the way you always make me laugh.

    • Thanks! Laughter keeps everything in perspective.

  2. Dear Tammi, Can’t be too long til the thaw comes, can it? Hang in there girl. I must get me some of those big girl’s panties. I have been a bit of a sook about some things lately.

    Such a clever, entertaining post. Many thanks for the laughs.

    • I am so done with winter!! Until spring comes, I’ll be wearing those panties every day. ;o)

  3. Del Thomas on said:

    Hi Tammy, I loved your post, here in Australia we cant imagine that much snow…even in our snowfields..! I hope spring comes soon and your garden blooms for you.

    • Thanks! Virginia has had very little snow this year so our winter has been brown, brown, brown. I’d prefer some snow!

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