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Countdown to MIFGS – the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show is on from March 20-24, 2013 in Carlton Gardens. There will be display gardens by some of Australia’s top designers, but where are the women?

It’s a great line-up for MIFGS with lots of quality design and landscaping companies but really disappointing that as far as I can find out there’s not a single female designer exhibiting in the main display gardens. Why is that? Better things to do? A different way of doing business? Hopefully the excellent Plantmark Student Design Competition on the theme “Landscaping for Bushfire; The Suburban Garden” plus the inspiring Avenue of Achievable Gardens will showcase some up-and-coming talent of both genders.

This display garden designer list has taken a bit of detective work. [Thanks ‘Secret Source’] Considering it’s less than 2 weeks before the show open, can you believe that the MIFGS website hasn’t even been updated from 2012?

Rick Eckersley – Australian House and Garden magazine’s ‘Connections’ garden, celebrating Neighbour Day with a garden place to share experiences and nature. A place for people to come together.

Ian Barker – focussing on perennial plantings to create a meadow-style garden off-set by a sleek and contemporary entertaining area

Phillip Withers – ‘Cubeism’, interpreting the arid climate of the Peruvian borders in contrast to pockets of oasis.

Jason Hodges – showcasing a variety of plants and herbs that are perfect for different age groups, improve vitality and enhance your skin’s appearance. Kitchen area, lawn space for the kids and edible plants dotted throughout

Mark Browning – ‘Laconic’, a modernist pavilion inspired by designs from the 1950s and 1960s dominates the design. Soft plantings and a large pool

Daniel Tyrrell – pre-fabricated outdoor entertaining room with a green roof, surrounded by a lush meadow-style garden

David Howard – of Bay Road Nurseries with Candeo design and Semken Landscaping – ‘ReSurgence’, inspired by the 100th anniversary of the death of William Guilfoyle – the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

Rob Waddell – a rustic garden featuring a dry stack wall, central water feature and blue stone walls

Christopher Guransky – ‘Ordered Nature’ – using nature to create an intimate space with hedges as walls and the sky as the ceiling

Jake Adamson – ‘Flux’, a contemporary design with Japanese influences. Raw materials feature throughout including natural granite paving, industrial concrete, bamboo screens and old railway sleepers. Water, fire and wind are elements that are represented in the garden

Scott Wynd – minimalist contemporary design including feature pool

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5 thoughts on “Countdown to MIFGS 2013

  1. Thanks GardenDrum, firstly, yes, disappointing to see the shortage of gals in the ‘big’ gardens but I do know that Peta Donaldson, who had a great small garden in last years show, is in the Student Section this year.
    And secondly… so it’s not just me then? I’ve heard nought about this years show! Someone needs a new PR company me thinks…

  2. I’ve seen so many promising female designers in both the student comp and the Achievable Gardens but it’s obviously not translating into show garden interest. I can understand that – I often wonder if there’s a real business case for doing a show garden but it’s shame we don’t get to see their talent.
    And yes! Compared to the amazing Ellerslie Flower Show PR machine that’s been churning out great media releases for months, it’s a very laid-back approach. Maybe they’re wedded to print and think there’s no point in online up-to-date information.

  3. Hi Garden Drum!

    You will be pleased to know that all 4 of the finalists in the Landscaping Victoria Emerging Designers Award are female in 2013. Philip Withers, one of last years finalists, is doing a Show Garden this year. Fingers crossed history is repeated in 2014. (Based on what we have seen so far, these 4 ladies are extremely talented!).

    And in relation to the updating of information, we have been a little slack in this department but are working hard at this right now. We have created a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account and are about to send out our first Blog post today (subscribe on the homepage of our website). Hopefully you’ll like what you see.

    • Thanks MIFGS. It’s good to hear that we will be getting more information through. I hope that will be soon as there’s only ONE week to go. Good to hear that there’s a whole bunch of young up-coming women designers ready to showcase their formidable designing talents. When do we get to find out who they are??? Looking forward to next week’s show!

  4. Excellent point GardenDrum, gender equality remains a significant barrier in many industries, landscaping is no exception. There are so many phenomenal female landscapers out there, many of whom have achieved great success and recognition. Keep the info coming MIFGS, keen to see some of the women in action when we visit MIFGS on the weekend!

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