Spring says Hello in Yellow

Here in the Northeast we were visited by another snow storm bringing our total since early February around 100 inches! Ninety something inches more than last year. But who’s counting? The news reports individuals who are angry with the Groundhog. Remember, this year the Groundhog predicted an early spring. Who can you trust? Continue reading

garden2kitchen at Sydney Easter Show


Sydney Easter Show – edible garden guru Phil Dudman and foodie Julie Ray make a fabulous combo as garden2kitchen, with great ideas how to grow and then cook seasonal produce. Fun banter, unbelievably wonderful smells like Szechuan eggplant and lots of give-aways.

Achievable Gardens at MIFGS 2013

Brave, bold and beautiful. The student’s gardens at MIFGS are always a highlight for me and 2013 is no exception. Although I love looking at the main avenue show gardens by designers too, so often they are, well, too tasteful. I can’t blame an established designer for not wanting to turn off prospective clients with something that’s a little too out there but, as a result while they are spectacular they’re also safe rather than surreal, and constrained by their commercial realities. Continue reading

Permaculture balcony gardening

I talk with Penny Pyett about growing vegetables in plumbing polypipe on your balcony. It’s low maintenance, you can have the pipes on wheels so you can move them around to catch the sun and as the system is self-contained, there’s no problems with water leaking down to neighbours below, mosquitos or wasting water. Continue reading

Are vegetables all we grow?

Yes I KNOW many gardeners just love their productive gardens. But is growing veggies all we care about these days? The latest issue of NZ Gardener’s excellent weekly online ‘Get Growing’ hasn’t got a single story about about growing ornamental plants. Unless you can eat them too. Are we food obsessed, or what?

NZ Gardener 'get growing' Continue reading

The ugliest plant in the world

As you all probably know I’m a mad keen plant collector and within the constraints of climate and the size of my garden I want to grow as many different plants as I can manage. Having said this I also wish to make my garden an attractive landscape (at least to my eyes) and not just a collection. Continue reading

Peter Nixon’s tiny courtyard

Peter may be a bit annoyed when he sees these photos. I visited him today and started snapping away in his tiny courtyard garden without warning him I might publish the photos on GardenDrum. So I didn’t bother about tucking away hoses, or pushing watering cans aside, or trimming off a bit of dead leaf here or a spent flower there. This is his garden ‘ungroomed’, although you’ll probably say – why would you need to? Continue reading

The dog ‘big dig’ and how to stop it

“My dog digs!” is one of the most common complaints about dogs, whether you are a gardener or not. So…….why do dogs dig? Well, it’s entirely natural dog behaviour. Some dogs have been bred to dig – terriers specifically. Other dogs dig to bury things – like bones…. Some dogs dig to dig up the afore-mentioned bones. Some dogs dig to investigate – maybe a cricket, a smell or what’s on the other side of the fence…. And some dogs dig ‘cos it’s just what they do and they like it. And once they start digging, they tend to keep going until the hole is as big as they can make it. Digging could also be a product of boredom and sometimes even separation distress. Continue reading