GardenDrumGreen light for irradiated fresh food

Irradiated tomato

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has decided that irradiated fresh tomatoes and capsicums are safe for consumption within Australia. Poivrons_Luc_ViatourRecent restrictions on fenthion and dimethoate as fruit fly controls have prompted approval of this alternative, where food is passed through x-ray or gamma ray beams, killing bacteria and insects and prolonging fruit shelf life.

Despite problems in 2009 with cats being adversely affected by irradiated dry food (many were neurologically damaged, or died), FSANZ says the level will be only one kilogray, well below these levels.

Governments have until mid-May to decide whether to formally approve the decision. Irradiated food must be labelled in both sales areas and on menus.

Can’t wait to see those day-glo colours in the supermarket……

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