GardenDrumHow many do we need?

Sydney Garden Show Rosehill 2013

How many do we need? Since recently mentioning a new garden show (The Australian Garden Show) in Sydney in early spring, we now hear there’s another garden show in Sydney on exactly the same weekend. The Sydney Garden Show will be held at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse on Sept 6-8 2013.

The Sydney Garden Show will be partnered by Readers Digest and Handyman Magazine.

It’s nice in some ways to have an embarrassment of garden show riches, after years of no show at all, but 2 on the same weekend? With one show in Sydney’s wealthy eastern suburbs and the other closer to the geographic and socio-economic centre of Sydney, is this a class divide?

Sydneysiders – which one will you choose? Maybe both? Or neither?

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2 thoughts on “How many do we need?

  1. That sucks! I will have to choose 1. Coming from Wollongong I just can’t justify the 2 trips and with small kids a huge day at both is not an option

    • Yep, I’m with you on this Dann. I’m hoping to keep you up to date with how both shows are shaping up…… oh, did I forget to mention there’s also Gardening Australia Live 18-20 Oct and I think something from Better Homes as well. Why have one when you could have 4? Unfortunately shows are often more about event companies than show goers.

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