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I’ve been having a lovely time with a new rake. We were knee deep in fallen leaves from the tall deciduous trees that surround our house. But my new large Nyglass rake has seen to that!

Dora the pug investigates my new Nyglass rake

Dora the pug investigates my new Nyglass rake

I won the rake in a competition that was in the HMA magazine, which is a magazine that’s sent out to members of the horticultural media. It was part of a collection of tools, which was the prize from Fiskars. I felt a bit guilty, as I have lots of garden tools, but as soon as I unwrapped the rake, I knew I’d won the jackpot.

We’ve been through lots of rakes here. Cheap plastic ones, more expensive plastic ones and metal ones – but this rake has outstripped them all.

New leaf bin and Nyglass rake

New leaf bin and Nyglass rake

Quite simply it is easy to use and rakes efficiently. In just half an hour my husband, Jim, and I had constructed a leaf bin from wire and metal stakes, raked up all the fallen leaves and dumped them in the leaf bin. And that’s even with the pugs doing their best to spread the raked leaves all over the place!

The pluses of this new orange and black rake are its broad head, which measures 60cm across, and the strong rigid plastic tynes. Leaves don’t get clogged in the tynes the way they do with traditional rakes and the width of the rake means it can be used to rake a large area very quickly.

The shaft is sturdy and light as it is made of hardened aluminium. To make it easy to hold, it has a soft grip surface on the shaft.

Where's the rake?

Where’s the rake?

Called the Large Nyglass Rake, it retails for $28.95 in Bunnings in Australia, where it has a 25-year warranty. Well worth it!

It’s a windy today and there are more leaves cascading down so it looks like that new rake is going to get another work out! Can’t wait.



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Recently Jennifer Stackhouse made the big move from Kurmond in NSW to a Federation house in the little village of Barrington tucked beneath Mt Roland in northwest Tasmania. With high rainfall, rich, red deep soil and a mild climate she reckons she's won the gardening lottery. She's taken on an acre garden that's been lovingly planted and tended for the past 28 years by a pair of keen gardeners so she is discovering a garden full of horticultural treasures. Jennifer is the author of several gardening books including 'Garden', which won a Book Laurel for 2013, as well as ‘The Organic Guide to Edible Gardens’, ‘Planting Techniques’ and ‘My Gardening Year’, which she wrote with her mother Shirley. She was editor of ABC 'Gardening Australia' magazine and now edits the trade journal 'Greenworld' magazine and writes regularly for the Saturday magazine in 'The Mercury'. She is often heard on radio and at garden shows answering garden queries.

6 thoughts on “Product review – large Nyglass rake

  1. This looks like a great rake, far superior to the little black plastic things we have at the moment, and the price is right. I will definitely be going to Bunnings this weekend to purchase one.

    • I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – it is really is great to find a tool that does its job so well. Jennifer

  2. Isn’t it a pleasure to find a tool that makes a job easier and quicker? I am always thankful when someone points out a better, more efficient way to do the hard yakka. So thanks Jennifer.
    I have just bought a good pair of long handled pruning shears and the time and trouble I am saving keeping everything in shape is amazing and fantastic.

    My rake is pretty average, so am off to check out the Nyglass now.

    • Hi Peter – you can buy this rake in the US from Home Depot where it’s called the Fiskars 24″ rake. The pics I’ve seen show a black, rather than orange head. Which is a pity really!

  3. Hello Jennifer… 🙂 Might have to look at this one…We have a metal one that is hopeless as it catches on everything and clogs up and we also what is left of a bamboo one we have had for literally years ( over 20 )…. is still the best BUT has lost a lot of the tynes to age 🙁 Hate to see it go…. Unfortunately plastic and metal have now taken over…OH! I wish we could still buy these bamboo ones… 🙁 BUT I MIGHT be tempted to shout myself one of these “newies” …We have a substantial amount of leaf raking on our acres and it’s frustrating when they don’t work well …

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