Sandra SimpsonYarn bombing!

Yarn bombing in Tauranga

Driving through the suburb of Greerton in my home town of Tauranga the other day and my eye was caught by the colourful cherry trees along Chadwick Rd.

Yarn bombing in Tauranga2

Yarn bombing in Tauranga3Colourful in winter? I found a park, jumped out and took some photos …
The trees are covered in knitting and crochet with the ”yarn bombing” project designed to attract more people to the shopping centre.

A group of women have been stitching away since November and put their work on display at the beginning of July – in the end about 30 knitters contributed to covers for 22 trees. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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Sandra Simpson is a long-time journalist who in 2008 was asked to write a weekly garden feature for her local daily newspaper in Tauranga, New Zealand. Since then she’s visited beautiful gardens, met great people and attended several shows. In 2012 she started her own blog, Sandra’s Garden to share more of the people, places and events that make her corner of the world so bountiful.

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