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IRACO Group & Marc Grañén's roof garden bus

IRACO & Grañén’s roof garden bus

Now maybe I HAVE seen everything. A moving roof garden, on top of a bus!

Marc Grañén has worked with the IRACO Group using their Aquapro waterproofing system to plant out the roof of a public transport bus in Estartit in north-eastern Spain.

You can watch this very informative video that shows exactly how they did it.

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4 thoughts on “Bus-top garden

    • Haha grim – nice try! Sometimes I reckon I could put up a post about a garden installed on a naked fan dancer and nobody would make a comment. Maybe gardeners just like to skulk about but not say too much……

  1. Ole, indeed. Am sending this to our Brisbane City Council for some inspiration . They are always trying to lift commuter numbers to ease traffic congestion. This might be a gimmick that works.

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