Green is the new black in Melbourne

A few months ago I took one of my regular trips down to Melbourne to visit a close girlfriend who lives there. Over the three days I was there, I was struck by how green Melbourne was. Not that it has more parkland that I remembered or that it was mindblowingly sustainable – but that at the moment green seems to be the new black. Terrariums in cafes, rooftop veggie gardens in the city, living cacti necklaces…you name it, it’s there, and accessible for the average tourist. Continue reading

Under siege

My blog about those who make the decisions on what will be declared weedy and that they weren’t doing the science created quite a lot of comments from you gardeners out there.
I had those who stood up for Oxalis and those who suggested that I should scientifically prove my stand on the subject. The fact that the N.S.W. government changed the legislation when I pointed out that native species would be banned I think proves the point that the science wasn’t done and any of you in said state that are growing Oxalis tuberosa (New Zealand Yam) are probably criminals! Continue reading

Rose hip remedies

Hands up who remembers keeping the winter chills and ills at bay with rosehip syrup? Memories of a spoonful stirred into a glass of hot water, producing a beautiful rosy-coloured drink, is as much a part of my childhood winters as open fires and flannel vests. Continue reading

Never look back (or down)

I’m reading a few books together at the moment, including Oliver Morton’s Eating the Sun and Alvaro Mutis’ The Adentures and Misadventures of Magroll and a very disturbing book called Defending the Master Race: Conservation, Eugenics and the Legacy of Madison Grant. Two are hard copy, one on my electronic device. Continue reading

Down with gardening snobbery

As a garden writer, I read a lot of gardening blogs and articles by other writers and landscape designers and I have to say, I’m finding them increasingly annoying and depressing. So much judgment and negativity—who died and made us the arbiters of all things right and tasteful? Continue reading

Synthetic turf just right for this play area

I am sure that people will bristle at the idea of using synthetic turf in their gardens. I hear people talk about removing or wanting to remove lawn from the landscape because of its high maintenance and chemical dependency, but replacing it with synthetic turf would be tantamount to heresy. I love a natural garden and I even love grass, but sometimes situations prevent you from utilizing traditional solutions. Continue reading