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It’s August and the mid-season daylily party is over. Sitting in my shady retreat on the chaise on the patio I built under the deck, I’m enjoying the mellow August garden. A few of the late blooming hemerocallis varieties still contribute to the color, but the riot has ended. Stems have been clipped and composted, and a quieter but still lovely August garden delights.

My back garden in August. Design & photo Maria von Brincken -

My back garden in August. Design & photo Maria von Brincken –

Now it’s the hostas that flower in abundance. The color composition shifts from a rainbow of vivid warm and hot colors to the lovely pale lavender tubes that attracts my “resident” hummingbird.

The first photo shows the combination of the tall scapes of Hosta ‘Krossa Regal‘ paired with the equally tall melon colored hemerocallis – I think ’Minaret’ in the left side of my back garden. Below the second photo reveals more detail.

Hosta 'Krosser Regal' and Hemerocallis 'Strutters Ball'. Design and photo Maria von Brincken

Hosta ‘Krosser Regal’ and Hemerocallis ‘Strutters Ball’. Design and photo Maria von Brincken

Peeking just above and behind the hosta foliage are a couple of blooms from the mid-to-late season Hemerocallis ‘Strutters Ball’. The deep cranberry-purple-burgundy add just the right note of color to the silvery blue hosta foliage and the pale lavender and melon colored flowers. I look forward to this blooming pairing every year.

Below, in another part of the garden, the shorter Astilbe c. pumila blooms happily along the fieldstone stepping stone path and the lavender flowers contrast nicely with yellow foliage of the large leafed Hosta ‘Sum & Substance’. Quiet, but charming, and nice to enjoy on warm summer afternoons and view from my office windows.

Mauve Astilbe flowers with Hosta 'Sum and Substance'

Mauve Astilbe flowers with Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’

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  1. I love the way as the flowers fade your plantscape becomes one more of form and texture than colour. I’m now contemplating how I can create that same sort of late season transition in my own garden.

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