GardenDrumBBM Youth horticulture travel scholarship

Young and student horticulturists have ONE WEEK LEFT to apply for the $8,000AUD BBM Sir John Pagan Travel Scholarship.

The BBM Youth Support scholarship funds travel from Australia to the UK for a young horticulturist to gain further experience or training in horticulture. Nominations close 30 September 2013.

Basic selection guidelines are:

o You should be less than 24 years old at the time of your planned travel to the UK.

o You can demonstrate that you have reached a standard of excellence in your chosen field (age appropriate) and that you are likely to enhance your career prospects by the UK experience.

o You can confirm that you would not be in a position to finance the project without BBM assistance.

o You are recommended by an approved institution in Australia related to your specialty.

o You can make satisfactory arrangements in Britain to pursue your objectives, including obtaining any visas you may require.

o You have not visited the UK in the last 5 years. (Limited prior travel for personal reasons may be acceptable).

o You are committed to be a good ambassador for Australia.

o Upon your return from the UK, you are prepared to provide a detailed written report on your experiences.

o You agree to assist BBM Youth Support in the future to whatever extent you can.

Scholarship nomination form

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