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Bloody Ploughman apples from Scottish Orchards

Bloody Ploughman, Scrog and the Lady of Wemyss are some of the 40 local Scottish apple varieties to be planted in 20 orchards and schools, funded by a £10,000 grant.

Varieties of Scottish apples from

Varieties of Scottish apples from

Scottish Orchards wants to encourage the growing of old apple varieties to preserve that genetic material, and also because they are often better adapted to local conditions and are more disease and pest resistant. By making the apples also identifiably Scottish, it’s also hoped that the strong branding will appeal to Scottish consumers and increase apple sales.

John Hancox of Scottish Orchards also manages programs such as Fruitful Schools and Fruitful Events to encourage school and community groups to grow and harvest apples and other fruit such as plums and pears. As he says “the best time to plant an apple tree is 20 years ago – the next best time is now!”

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