AILDM Awards gardens

The recent 2013 Landscape Design Awards presented by the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM) saw probably the highest standard yet. The Residential Under $50,000 category was hotly contested, so hotly in fact, that the judges awarded 2 equal Best in Category awards, to Steve Warner of Outhouse Design, and Jennie and Chris Curtis of Fresh Landscape Design. Continue reading

Putting down roots

I bought some plants by mail order the other day and they arrived, carefully wrapped, and each sitting in their own individual grow bag, and seem to have survived the journey okay. I have no idea where I will plant them, these babies are Bunya “pines” or Araucaria bidwillii, that will grow gigantic cones sometimes over 10 KG in size, and reach a height of possibly up to 45 metres. I say possibly because there are a lot of things that can go wrong when transplanting trees that can make the tree fail, a nice way of saying die, before they get very large. Continue reading

Show gardens at Sydney Garden Show

I have been asked for a more comprehensive overview of the show gardens built for the recent Australian Garden Show Sydney by several GardenDrum readers who were unable to get to the show themselves. Although I have reviewed the show in general, I really only gave passing mention to the show gardens, except for congratulating Brendan Moar on his Best in Show win and publishing a gallery of the photos of GardenDrum blogger Phillip Withers‘ gem of a garden. Continue reading

A sucker for succulents

Attila Kapitany loves succulents: loves writing about them, loves growing them and above all, loves talking about them. Attila’s a great advocate for anything with a juicy stem whether it be a cactus, euphorbia or even a juicy wattle. Continue reading