GardenDrumGardenDrum Quiz #1 – ORANGE


Orange is one of GardenDrum’s most-loved shades. Can you guess the names of all these plants? (No prizes, just self congratulations). Click on any image and it will flip over to show you the botanical name, common name, and where it comes from.


So what’s your score out of 16?

14 to 16 – genius closet botanist, compulsively identifies every plant seen, can be annoying at parties
11 to 13 – obsessively visits gardens and nurseries (even in heavy rain) and asks LOTS of questions
8 to 10 – grew up with a closet botanist but has been trying to move on
5 to 7 – likes pretty flowers but they have to match the interior decor
2 to 4 – why remember anything when you can just look it up in Wikipedia?
0 to 1 – oops, clicked on the wrong page – thought this quiz was about the Kardashians


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