GardenDrumGardening World Cup, Japan October 12-20, 2013

3.Madiba 3d concept

GardenDrum author and award-winning South African landscape designer Leon Kluge is in Nagasaki, Japan, again for the Gardening World Cup 2013. The theme this year is ‘A Prayer for Peace with Flowers and Greenery’.

Leon’s garden ‘Breaking Free’ celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela who, after 27 years of imprisonment on Robben Island, was able to unite his country into a peaceful transition from minority rule and apartheid into a fully-fledged democracy.

3.Madiba 3d concept

South Africa’s nine provinces are shown as 9 vertical walls. Each is greened on the outside to show renewed growth after freedom but on the inside is corrugated iron. The iron is colourfully decorated in South African ‘shack-shick’ style.

A simple table and chair represent the loneliness of Mandela in his cell and also how just one determined person can change the world. The plant palette reflects the vegetation of Robben Island and also the colourful Rainbow Nation that South Africa has become.

Other designers participating in the Gardening World Cup 2013 are Chelsea 2013 Best ‘Fresh’ garden winner James Basson and award winning Japanese designer Kazuyuki Ishihara.

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