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'Living Art', Ellerslie 2013. Design Bayley LuuTomes

‘Living Art’, Ellerslie 2013. Design Bayley LuuTomes

The Ellerslie Flower Show 2014 in Christchurch, New Zealand will be a fortnight earlier than previous shows and have a record-breaking 16 display gardens, each a minimum 100sqm.

Acting on public feedback and advice from local horticulturists, the show’s organisers have decided to move the event to late February, so it will now run from February 26 to March 2, 2014. This late summer timing should give designers a wider plant palette from which to select plants still looking their summer best, as well as make it more likely that Christchurch will put on fine, sunny weather for the show.

Ben Hoyle show garden from Ellerslie Flower Show 2013

Ben Hoyle show garden from Ellerslie Flower Show 2013

Garden designers who have committed to being at Ellerslie 2014 include 3 former Gold Medal winners – Ben Hoyle (Kaptiti Coast), Bayley LuuTomes (Wellington) and Dan Rutherford (Christchurch). A newcomer to the 2014 show is the internationally regarded Auckland-based company Natural Habitats.

Tickets are on sale from November at

[If only organisers of the Australian Garden Show Sydney would listen to local horticulturists and move the Sydney garden show later in the year for a more plant-friendly late spring timing – given that although late summer would also be ideal for Sydney, it would compete too closely with the Melbourne show.]

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