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I have two wonderful friends with birthdays in late August. They happen to be dating, and also happen to live together (around the corner from me, yay!). Cate I find easy to buy for, as we have been friends since we were 15. Ben, however, was a slightly different story. I am TERRIBLE at buying gifts for boys. It absolutely stumps me. And since I pride myself on giving thoughtful gifts, this was quite a dilemma.

my friends

And then, by complete chance, a lightbulb moment! I was talking to Cate about her weekend and she told me that she and Ben had done a complete overhaul of their backyard, weeding for hours. She also mentioned they wanted to get some herbs and veggies growing. And there it was, the eureka moment!

potted herbs from the marketsThe next day I went on down to Marrickville Markets, which are, in my totally unbiased opinion, the best in Sydney. I headed on down to the friendly plant lady and bought a stack of what I consider to be the ‘essential’ backyard herbs– thyme, mint, sage, chives, rosemary and parsley.
I took them home, popped them in an old fruit box and wrapped the fruit box up in hemp and some red wool. A hand made card and some sneaky break and entering later, and Cate and Ben’s joint birthday present was stashed in their room, looking gorgeous and ready to be a happy birthday surprise!

wrapping the box in fabric

wrapping the box in fabric

a beautiful gift








They both loved their present – and immediately invited me over for dinner – an invitation I have yet to cash in (hint, hint). I occasionally get updates, the herbs are now safely potted and planted in their backyard soaking up the sun. So next time you’re stumped for a present idea that’s relatively cheap, useful and applicable to pretty much anyone (especially if they like to cook) – think green!

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I am here to learn a) how to grow green things and b) how not to kill them. Up until now, these seemingly simple goals have proved extremely difficult and my 25 year past is littered with dead herb gardens, murdered bonsais and most recently, massacred flower bulbs (apparently you can’t leave them in a laundry for three years and then try to plant them). If you are a black thumb, a lazy gardener or a garden novice…this is the place for you. Come along with me as I try (key word: try) to convert my tiled inner-west Sydney courtyard into a garden.

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