GardenDrumSnake a deadly gardening companion

Brown Snake Photo David.merceron

Brown Snake Photo David.merceron

A gardener near Maitland, NSW has died from being bitten by a deadly brown snake.

Her husband found her collapsed in the garden and she died 3 days later in hospital. Although tests have not yet confirmed it, a brown snake bite is thought the most likely cause. As brown snakes have small fangs, it’s possible for their bite to feel no more painful that being pricked by a thorn or a stinging nettle, so victims don’t realise what’s happened. The blood-thinning poison then causes a sudden collapse.

Brown snakes are very common throughout the Hunter Valley area of NSW and warm, dry weather brings them out and about from November to April. If bitten, staying still and calling for help is the best emergency response as moving causes the poison to spread more quickly.




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