GardenDrumSceptical about climate change?

Photo Kris Krug

Photo Kris Krug

Sceptical about climate change? In this very well written essay, Green Thinker Network explores why many people still say they “don’t believe” in climate change, and why many people do. It seems that the science has very little to do with it.

As Green Thinker Network explains,

‘it is nat­ural to assume that if people do not accept the sci­ence of cli­mate change, it is because they do not under­stand it, or per­haps need to know more about it.’

but then goes on to say

‘But while dis­pelling myths about cli­mate change is a valu­able public ser­vice to offer, the truth about cli­mate skepticism is that it is not just a dis­pute over the sci­ence.’

Have a read of the Green Thinker Network essay (it’s not that long – about a 5 minute read so you HAVE got time) and then let me know what you think – sceptic/skeptic – or not.

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