Local heroes blitz rhodies

A few weeks ago we had the best afternoon’s entertainment for ages, watching local builder Neil Blair and his crew reef out a whole bank of the dreaded Rhododendron ponticum from our west-of-Scotland garden. The rhodies started as a hedge that borders the drive but over the years they “walked” down the slope below the drive so that eventually they formed a great wedge-shaped blob that covered the whole bank and was impossible to reach across with the hedge trimmer. Continue reading

Sydney’s Florilegium book sale

Florilegium Banner_Ad_2

Sydney’s well-known garden bookshop Florilegium is having its 25th birthday sale with 25% off all shelf stock plus even bigger discounts on table stock. For shop customers only, (no orders or website sales) the sale starts tomorrow May 31, and runs until June 14, 2014 at 65 Derwent St Glebe.

Movie Review: Gardening With Soul

If you love a gentle movie that slowly reveals an extraordinary and memorable character, then you will love Gardening with Soul. Film-maker Jess Feast reveals the rich and thoughtful life of Sister Loyola, a 90 year old nun in the Home of Compassion just outside Wellington, New Zealand. If you can’t imagine that such a woman would have a story worth telling, think again. Continue reading

Fothergilla: flowers, fragrance & fall color

There are so many cool climate plants to choose from and so often people end up using the tried and true performers. Nurseries know this which is why they are packed every spring with rhododendrons, azaleas, Japanese maples, hydrangeas, yews, hollies and dogwoods and many more native and non-native plants. The cycle is self-perpetuating, as many contractors, who also design, prefer to choose plants they know will survive as well as plants that are readily available at their local nurseries. Continue reading

GES – Green Expo Sydney

Pink Splash Gerbera

Gerbera on steroids, a great way to make compost in the tiniest garden and a spectacular architectural planter – whether it’s plants or allied products, GES (Green Expo Sydney) showcases the best of new horticultural products – or new to Australia at least. Like films, it can take a while for plants and products from overseas to make it through either quarantine or local distribution. Continue reading

The wide world of watercress

It’s interesting that certain food items can become ‘trends’, much like a certain shape of sunglasses or the latest workout craze. Kale is still having its long moment in the sun; Brussels sprouts are suddenly on every pub menu in the country; and by now, arugula is a household name. Continue reading