GardenDrumHydroponics becomes aeroponics

Aeroponic lettuce from CombaGroup

You no doubt know about hydroponics, but have you heard before of aeroponics? Yes, lettuce can be grown in the air.

Swiss company CombaGroup uses robots to spray the roots of the lettuce at pre-determined intervals with the right mix of water and mineral salts for optimal growth. The result is lettuce that doesn’t need washing as there’s no insects, no pesticides, and no soil on its roots. The aeroponics growing system also uses only¬†one tenth of the water required for hydroponic growth. It also reduces wastage – CombGroup claim that up to half of all lettuce grown in Europe is lost “between farm gate and plate”.

The lettuce is also grown right next to its packaging system, eliminating trucking and lost freshness. CombaGroup plan to expand their range to include other vegetables.

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