GardenDrumWorld Cup of Gardening, Detroit

A new garden show. In Detroit?  A city known more for cars than carnations will be hosting a six-day international flower competition and exhibition June 16-21, 2015. It will be quite a grand event to fit a suitable title – the Word Cup of Gardening.

Organizer John Cullen from Michigan is an award-winning garden designer who first started thinking about creating a world-class outdoor gardening competition in America some years ago. Deciding on a location was somewhat challenging as historically most flower & gardening shows have been hosted indoors in spring rather than summer.

It was only in 2013 that he & business partner Mike McClelland chose to host the event on 25 acres of Belle Isle (Detroit) in hope that it will attract up to 60,000 – 80,000 visitors. Visitors will have the opportunity to check out over 100 vendors & grab a bite to eat while admiring the many show gardens from Designers around the world.

John Cullen envisions leaving some of the new gardens in place after the show, or potentially moving them off site to another location on the island. Michigan State University horticultural experts are helping to restore Belle Isle’s existing gardens in preparation for the event. Although Detroit may not have been an obvious host-city venue in the past this event could well help to revitalise the city which has become synonymous with testosterone-fueled, events like football, hockey, Indycar and hydroplane races.

The list of high quality show garden junkies who will design 10 x 10 metre show gardens:

Gabrielle Pape, Germany; Kazuyuki Ishihara Japan; Nico Wissing ND John Cullen, USA; Lucciano Giubbiliei, Italy; Andy Sturgeon, England; Helen Dillion, Ireland; Jim Foggarty Australia; Xanthe White NZ; Leon Kluge S.A; Jihae Hwang, South Korea.

For such an ambitious title, can it deliver? We don’t really know yet.


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