GardenDrumHeart shaped tomato grown in UK greenhouse

The French once called tomatoes ´pomme d´mour´, meaning love apple. A man from Norwich has redefined this definition with having a big heart and donating proceeds of an unusual online auction to a deserving UK charity.

Heart shaped tomato raises money for UK Heart foundation Photo: Wikipedia

Heart shaped tomato  Photo: Wikipedia

Rod Matless, 69, sprouted a heart-shaped tomato in his greenhouse. The seed used was not Genetically Modified & the shape came about completely by accident. Mr Matless said that:

‘whenever people see it they just want to hug it…

I hope it will do someone somewhere a bit of a good’

The Norwich man thought the obvious thing to do was to auction it of and give the proceeds to British Heart Foundation. Having had a heart attack himself he thought it was the right thing to do. A woman from wales bought a 2.26oz (0.64kg) tomato on eBay for £16.          She plans to give it to someone special. He could have made more from the auction, however he wanted to ensure the goods were fresh when delivered.

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