GardenDrumNew rose ‘Christchurch Remembers’ winds top NZ award

Rose 'Christchurch Remembers'. Breeder Rob Somerfield

Rose ‘Christchurch Remembers’. Breeder Rob Somerfield

New Zealand’s top rose award has gone to ‘Christchurch Remembers’ a bright red rose that honours those who died in the terrible Christchurch earthquake.

‘Christchurch Remembers’, bred by Rob Somerfield of Rob Somerfield Roses won the Gold Star of the South Pacific in the New Zealand Rose Society international trials.

‘Christchurch Remembers’ will be released in 2016-17, and Rob Somerfield hopes that it will planted somewhere in the rebuilt city centre.

“It had to be red. There will be a bed of them somewhere in Christchurch, and I hope it will be part of the memorial.”

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