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Heucheras in the Mt Cuba Center trial gardens

The Mt Cuba Center in Delaware, USA, has assessed 83 popular heuchera cultivars of two native American species, Heuchera villosa and Heuchera americana and delivered its Top Ten Heuchera picks.

As heuchera love dry, shady conditions, are deer resistant and generally easy to grow, they’ve become very popular throughout the world.

Although heucheras were originally grown for their flowers, over the past 20 years there’s been an explosion in the number of spectacular colorful foliage heuchera cultivars. However, like many new plant introductions, many have been released on to the market without enough trial work. Some are definitely more successful than others, making it hard to know which ones to buy.

After an extensive 3 year trial, The Mt Cuba Center has taken out the guesswork by picking the Top 10 heuchera performers, looking at vigor, fullness, and uniformity over the course of three seasons to choose the top selections that are sure to flourish in the mid-Atlantic.

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