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‘Garden Pests, Diseases & Good Bugs’ by Denis Crawford (ABC Books) – I have to put my hand up straight away and admit that I did work with Denis on this book and indeed championed its publishing with ABC Books while I was editor of Gardening Australia magazine. Denis wrote about pests, diseases and beneficial insects for GA magazine for many years and continues to share his knowledge with gardeners through his stories in many magazines. It seemed a natural step to turn his stories and information into a reference book.

Garden Pests Cover Image - finalProducing a book of any type is no walk in the park but a reference book takes book writing to another level all together. I am sure there were times when Denis wished he’d never embarked on the project but to his credit and our gain he did and made sure it is as up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

What he has delivered is a must-have reference for all gardeners that contains the most up-to-date references for the identification and control of garden pests and diseases since Judy McMaugh’s What Pest or Disease is That? It is well laid out, well illustrated (Denis is a photographer and most of the images are his own), easy to read and access, and contains in-depth information not found elsewhere about life cycles, target species and distribution. Importantly this book contains information on both chemical and non-chemical control and has a comprehensive list of registered garden chemicals.

The book retails for AUD$39.99.

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Recently Jennifer Stackhouse made the big move from Kurmond in NSW to a Federation house in the little village of Barrington tucked beneath Mt Roland in northwest Tasmania. With high rainfall, rich, red deep soil and a mild climate she reckons she's won the gardening lottery. She's taken on an acre garden that's been lovingly planted and tended for the past 28 years by a pair of keen gardeners so she is discovering a garden full of horticultural treasures. Jennifer is the author of several gardening books including 'Garden', which won a Book Laurel for 2013, as well as ‘The Organic Guide to Edible Gardens’, ‘Planting Techniques’ and ‘My Gardening Year’, which she wrote with her mother Shirley. She was editor of ABC 'Gardening Australia' magazine and now edits the trade journal 'Greenworld' magazine and writes regularly for the Saturday magazine in 'The Mercury'. She is often heard on radio and at garden shows answering garden queries.

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