The Beauty of Islam

The Beauty of Islam‘ garden by Al Barari at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show was designed by Dubai-based landscape designer (and GardenDrum contributor) Kamelia bin Zaal. It was a first Chelsea garden for Kamelia, and won a Silver Gilt medal. Continue reading

Kivvyfox – 3D metal wall art. Adelaide, Australia

My partner and I run and small contract cutting business in Adelaide where we use machines such as a water jet cutter and a large router. Most of our work involves cutting for designers, engineers and sign companies. During the time we’ve been running this business, we have become very experienced in working with different materials, and the processes of powdercoating and anodising. Continue reading

USA’s 2015 best landscape designers

America’s Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) has announced its award winners for 2015. APLD’s award winning designers each year feature gardens and landscapes that are simply stunning, filled with clever problem solving, beautiful planting, well-chosen hardscape elements and both sustainable and decorative ideas that you can use in your own garden. Continue reading

A sleeping beauty: ‘The Grove’, Mawarra

Burnley graduate Edna Walling must have been over the moon when she won the landscape design and construction project for ‘The Grove’ at Mawarra in Sherbrook Victoria. A newly constructed Tudor style house, situated at the top of a steep block of land set amongst towering mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans) would have captured her imagination entirely. Continue reading

Chelsea 2015 Fresh: World Vision Garden

One of the Chelsea Flower Show 2015 gardens in the Fresh category that I loved was the ‘World Vision Garden: Grow Hope’, inspired by the beauty of Cambodia. It won a silver-gilt medal for designer John Warland, a four-time RHS medallist and a supporter of World Vision. It evokes the rice fields of Cambodia where children often survive, but are malnourished, on just two bowls of rice a day. Continue reading

Melbourne’s tree love letters

English elm, Ulmus procera, has a more dense crown than Ulmus x hollandica

English elm. Photo Sandi Pulllman

Melburnians can send their city trees emails of love and support in a new program by the City of Melbourne. Each city tree has an identification number, so you can email exactly the one you’re pining to give a fig for, even the plane ones, by gum! Continue reading