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Ozbreed Westringia Grey Box™

Ozbreed’s Westringia fruticosa Grey Box™ has won the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia’s 2015 top award of ‘Plant of the Year’.

grey-box-plant-of-the-year-awardGrey Box™ has been on the market for a couple of years now and has proved very popular as it performs well in a wide variety of climates from sub-tropical Queensland to cool-climate Tasmania, and from frontline coastal to inland areas. It thrives in both clay and sandy soils and grows well in pots and troughs.


Westringia Grey Box™

Westringia Grey Box™

Growing to about 50cm (20 inches) high and wide, Grey Box™ naturally develops a neat rounded shape but can be pruned lower to about 30cm (12inches) into a small mound or neat edging hedge. The fine-textured foliage stays greeny-grey all year round, with the added appeal of small white flowers through the warmer months.

Ozbreed's Grey Box grown as a hedge

Ozbreed’s Grey Box grown as a hedge

Grey Box™ has stood up to frost, drought, and humidity and, surprisingly for a Westringia (coast rosemary), it will also tolerate ‘wet feet’ for short periods of time, so it can be used in green roofs, green walls and even rain garden plantings.

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