GardenDrumRHS Product of the Year 2015

PotatoPot2 copy

The Agralan Potato Pot is the RHS Product of the Year. With a nifty cut away inner pot, you can lift it out to see what’s ready to harvest.

PotatoPot2The Agralan Potato Pot has three ‘windows’ which allow you to see the growing potatoes and whether they’re ready for harvest without having to dig up the whole plant.

This means you can start harvesting the larger potatoes after about 10 weeks while leaving the smaller ones to develop, so you can continue to harvest as you need them right through the growing season.

You start off by planting 3 seed potatoes lined up with the cut away windows and covering them with potting mix/planting compost. As the shoots develop you cover them with more mix until you reach the top of the pot.

By about 5 weeks, the potatoes have grown enough roots that the mix will stay firm when you lift up the inner pot.


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