How to grow galangal

If you’re like me and just can’t get enough Thai inspired cuisine at home, it’s time you considered growing more Asian herbs in your garden. Lots of people now grow coriander, Thai basil and chilli as a garden staple, but it’s time to consider another essential Asian herb – galangal (Alpinia galanga). Continue reading

Goodbye Callistemon, and hello Melaleuca

I will find it hard to get used to saying Melaleuca as the new name for some of my favourite Australian plants such as ‘Captain Cook’, ‘Endeavour’ and ‘King’s Park Special’. But this is what it might come to if the botanical and horticultural world accepts a concerted push in the world of Australian botany to merge the genus Callistemon with its close relative Melaleuca. Continue reading

Annie Storey – ornamental coppersmith, ACT Australia

My work as an artist began as a painter, a discipline I trained in at the Canberra School of Art. Some of my early work in painting focused on landscape and still life featuring various types of plant form. Later in my career I developed a passion for metal work, especially copper, and the fabrication of plant derived sculptural forms. Continue reading

RHS Hampton Court

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show has become a real challenger to Chelsea, especially for innovative, unusual and conceptual gardens. While Chelsea is spectacular, its show gardens and artisan gardens are beautiful and exquisite rather than ‘out of the box’ and its gardens always in a cycle of spring flowering. Hampton Court in early July can showcase a completely different range of summer flowering plants. Continue reading

Heirloom versus hybrid seeds

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between heirloom and hybrids seeds? Gardening terminology can be very confusing and sometimes all these term just make your head spin and you wonder what in the world is everyone talking about. It is another language and so I am going to explain something about this secret language of gardeners. It is all about how plants reproduce through pollination, fertilisation and the creation of seeds. Continue reading

Singapore Botanic Gardens: 5 things to LOVE

• Rubber ‘n’ Spice: Economic Botany power house
• Orchids: Exotica – science meets commerce
• Dipterocarps: rainforest ark in a City-State
• Dynamism: great team – catalysing regional capacity
• High wire act: balancing rapid change / newness with history / richness Continue reading

FAV 2015, Montpellier

The Festival des Architectures Vives each June in Montpellier, France, features the work of young architects, landscape architects and urban planners displayed throughout the Montpellier and nearby La Grande Motte. Of the 20 works on display in the FAV 2015 10th Edition, some were in open, public spaces, while others were tucked away inside usually private courtyard spaces, waiting to be discovered. Continue reading