The Kiss: Gardening with Gustav

Have you ever seen a piece of art and imagined it as a garden? I am not a horticulturalist, garden designer or landscape architect. My only design experience comes from moving seventeen times in thirty four years and always having to cram my stuff into a new house and find a way to make it look appealing. But I am an art lover. Continue reading

South and east Australia: be ‘Godzilla’ El Niño ready!

It’s official – weather agencies on both sides of the Pacific agree that a new El Niño weather event is forming**. And it looks like it could be as bad as 1997, with NASA climate scientist Bill Patzert dubbing it a “Godzilla’ El Niño”. For those of us in south-eastern Australia, that means a long, hot, dry-as-chips summer. Although we’ve had several summers in Sydney that have been cooler than normal, we always knew that the next El Niño was lurking out in the Pacific somewhere – a bit like the proverbial Kraken coming to wreak havoc on our gardens. Continue reading

Plants make a new hair salon cutting edge

Winter for me can become one of those times were you feel like life can get cold, monotonous and somewhat repetitive, so I personally use this time to plan things that will excite the senses and involve me and my staff in areas that will keep us all inspired. One of these interesting little projects came up recently when we enjoyed collaborating with a whole host of different people, bringing to life the new headquarters for the renown Valonz Haircutters in Paddington, Sydney. Continue reading

Grow your own artwork

PRINT GREEN LondonPrint your own lawn or grow your own art – PRINT GREEN! (»Tiskaj zeleno«) Students at the University of Maribor in the Czech Republic have developed a 3D printer which prints with a special paste of soil, seeds and water, which grow into beautiful patterns. Continue reading

Burnley’s Secret Garden Part 4 – The Sunken Garden

If you have been following parts 1-3 of this tour of the Burnley Garden you will know that at the heart of the garden is the heritage landscape designed by Bogue Luffman. Wrapped around this central core there are numerous spaces showcasing almost every imaginable type of garden including herb, rose, perennial and cactus. There are also two courtyards, the Pear Tree Court and the Sunken Courtyard. Continue reading