Leon KlugeYes, the grapevine has a very weird relative

Cyphostemma jutae is just like that embarrassing aunty or uncle that everyone has but nobody talks about. This one is related to the grape vine but don’t try and eat its ‘grapes’! Find out more about why, although it may be odd, it’s a great plant for hot dry gardens.


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Leon Kluge

About Leon Kluge

Leon Kluge is an award-winning landscape designer who was part of the successful South African team at Chelsea in both 2010 and 2012, and the Gardening World Cup in Japan in 2011, and then won a Gold medal at the 2013 Cup. Leon is known for his modern, contemporary landscapes, sustainable community projects and his specialisation in vertical gardens. His company Leon Kluge Landscape Design is based in north-eastern South Africa.

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