GardenDrumBest herb and vegetables for vertical gardens

What are the best herb and vegetable crops to grow in vertical gardens? According to US company Bright AgroTech, it’s those with a short growing period, preferably 6 weeks or less.

Choose crops that can be harvested early but keep growing like the ‘cut-and-come-again’ leafy greens.

Leafy vegetables that are an ideal crop for vertical gardens include lettuces that don’t form a dense head for harvest, such as romaine, butter and red leaf. Other suitable leafy vegetables are kales that also don’t form a cabbage-like head, called ‘acephala’ cultivars, such as Tuscan/lacinato and curly kale, chards, and other brassica family collard greens. In warmer climates, grow Asian greens like pak choy, bok choy, tatsoi, wombok, as well as spring onions/scallions.

Many soft herbs grow quickly enough for vertical gardens, like different forms of basil (sweet basil and other flavours), chives, mint and parsley.


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