GardenDrumBrazilian landscape architect Haruyoshi Ono dies

Vale Brazilian architect Haruyoshi Ono who has died aged 73. Haru worked extensively with Roberto Burle Marx and was also well-known for his use of mosaics.

Haru has recently worked on large design projects such as the Rio de Janeiro Athletes Village, the Museum of Tomorrow, the Monumental Axis in Brasilia and Rio Branco’s Revolution Square. He also continued Burle Marx’s legacy, completing and reworking several of his projects such as Neldo Holler Square in Ivoti.

Haru said of his time creating the famous Copacabana mosaic boardwalk with Burle Marx that time was so tight on the project that they would complete design drawings during the day which would then be executed that same night.

Born in Brazil in 1943, Haru developed an early love of plants and the environment from his Japanese mother and from living in the beautiful countryside of Senador Camará. He began as an intern under Burle Marx in the mid 1960s, became a partner in the firm, and worked closely with Burle Marx until his death in 1994.

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