‘Terra Australis Garden’ for Canberra’s National Arboretum

The National Arboretum in Canberra which features 100 forests of rare, endangered and symbolic trees from around Australia and the world is in the process of creating a ‘Gallery of Gardens’ which is a chain of 7 gardens spread along a hill side from the main Visitors Centre. The Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) (ANPSA) has proposed to the National Arboretum to have one of these gardens, the ‘Terra Australis GardenContinue reading

Growing wild foods in your garden

I have written here before about my miserable efforts to grow vegetables. Nothing has changed. I am however growing more and more food in my garden. My family eat numerous subtropical edibles and lots of weeds. Not so many carrots and zucchini but plenty of highly nutritious greens. Continue reading

Chelsea Flower Show winners 2017

James Basson wins Best in Show at Chelsea 2017. Photo Luke MacGregor

This year’s Chelsea Flowers Show had another controversial Best in Show winner this year, with a garden variously described as “sparse“, a “concrete jungle“, “brutalist” and “weedy“. Although some garden designers have worked their intellectual way behind and around the mass of concrete columns and found its charm, apparently most show goers do not. Continue reading

How to choose, clean and sharpen your secateurs

Secateurs are one of your most important gardening tools and will get used most times you go out into the garden. Thats why, if you’re a new gardener, you should invest in a good pair. Most long-time gardeners have a favourite pair they’ve been using for years but tragedy can strike and those long-loved secateurs are lost or damaged. Here’s a handy three part guide about how you should choose, clean and sharpen your secateurs. Continue reading

Reuse and transplant for an instant new garden

Transplanting exisiting plants is a great way to make an instant garden and it’s a natural part of the reuse and recycle approach that I bring to all my garden designs. In this garden there were several overgrown evergreen foundation plants at the front door that could have been consigned to the compost pile as they needed to be removed to make way for a new house extension. But by transplanting them elsewhere in the garden I could create structure and enclosure Continue reading