GardenDrumNew Sydney Gardening Show September 2017

Sydney looks set to have a 2017 gardening show with the brand new (and appropriately named) ‘Sydney Gardening Show’ scheduled for September 2017. Will this one work?

Sydney has had the worst luck possible with previous gardening shows. The ill-fated Australian Garden Show Sydney only lasted 2 years (2013 and 2014) after the blisteringly hot and parched first year was followed in the next year by torrential downpours, freezing winds and flooding in its Centennial Park location. On both occasions the terrible weather kept crowds away, despite it being a very fine show with excellent display gardens, products for sale and a good lineup of speakers. It was a critical success but a financial disaster.

This new show, brought to life by Expertise Events, will be at Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens Racecourse from 15-17 September 2017.

Gardening stars already signed up include Michael McCoy (‘Dream Gardens’ TV and ‘The Gardenist’), Judy Horton, and Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis (TV) and Phil Dudman (GA magazine).


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15 thoughts on “New Sydney Gardening Show September 2017

    • Not sure Cathy. The last one in Sydney a few years ago was also a financial disaster with very low attendance (despite an all-star cast of GA presenters) so I’d be surprised if anyone would take it on again.

  1. o joy o joy , can’t wait. how may sleeps before the 15/9 ??.

    sydney gardeners have this one only opportunity to support the show through their attendance or loose it

  2. I think they should have called it the ‘How to add value by improving your garden show’ because I am afraid that is all anyone in Sydney seems to be interested in. Sadly this once beautiful city full of trees and lush gardens is all about how much money you can make out of your block of land.

  3. It would be good if the organic gardening show is on again. With so much talk about using natural fertilizers and compost, it would encourage gardeners to go the organic way.


    • Hi Jane – I’m not sure which organic gardening show you mean, but, unfortunately, given to amount of publicity that has been forthcoming about this show ie NONE, I’d be very surprised if it happens.

      • heard about it on the radio this week. I’m free this weekend fortunately but it’s a struggle to find details or their website (till now)

  4. Had no idea it was happening until a fellow garden enthusiast mentioned it. Needs a more ‘stand out’ profile and advertising to those of us who enjoy gardening. Hope it’s a success.

  5. Couldn’t find it on the official Rosehill Gardens website, which is a worry. I’ll be there on Friday. Hope it’s not a wasted trip.

  6. I have a nectarine x plum tree. Last year it was laden with beautiful fruit. I put up two different natural lures, plus home-made fruit fly traps. And I sprayed the fruit. But there was not one piece of fruit edible. I nearly pulled the tree out! Any suggestions for this year?

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