Bay tree – a winter essential

Each year one of our neighbours, James, arrives on our doorstep with a big leafy branch. Not an olive branch – we are all on good terms so need peace offerings need! No, James is bringing prunings from his bay tree, which he cuts back each year to keep it under control. I lug the branch inside, strip the leaves and dry them to use in the kitchen. Every time I use a handful I am grateful for his generosity. Continue reading

Fascination of Orchid Pollination

Caladenia tentaculata & wasp © M Smith

Cranbourne Gardens in Victoria is hosting a talk by Mitch Smith on ‘Fascination of Orchid Pollination’ (subtitled ‘Sex, Lies and Seduction’) – hear from Victoria’s premier citizen scientist on orchid pollination all about recent discoveries, especially regarding Victoria’s terrestrial orchids. Continue reading