Wisdom from a plant whisperer

As a proud garden-variety (but trained!) horticulturist, who has tended gardens on Sydney’s leafy North Shore for almost thirty years, I have learnt a few things about my craft. Some of it has come to me by application on site, other gems have come from friends (often fellow horticulturists), and some were either learnt while I studied horticulture in the early 1990s or ongoing inservice, or have been gleaned from Google; or the many fine garden books I still possess. Continue reading

Review: Robert Fortune – A Plant Hunter in the Orient

China’s burgeoning economic and political might in this century are quite a turn-around (one might say a return to form) from its cowed condition under the ‘Opium Wars’ (and Taiping Revolution – civil war) of the mid-late 19th century. Gun-ship ‘diplomacy’ was used to force foreign trade access to this vast country’s ports, to export the west’s craze product: fine tea. Continue reading