Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech

This garden has been analysed, hyperbolised and dissected in every imaginable way. A library has been written about every aspect of it, not to mention millions of photographs! What more can one possibly add? Maybe only my own ‘humble’ perspective for what it’s worth. Continue reading

How to grow and use turmeric

Turmeric, Cucurma longa, is a tropical rhizome you can grow in both subtropical and cool subtropical areas like Sydney. You can even grow it in a pot in cooler climates, as long as it’s protected from frost and extreme cold. In cooking it is used for colour and flavour. Continue reading

Getting garden-ready for a hot summer

It is early September as I write – spring! Today was over 30ºC, as were quite a few of our supposedly winter days. Brisbane, admittedly, is not overly cold at any time but I have never experienced over 30 degrees on a winter’s day. It has been the hottest one on record, and we are far from alone there. Continue reading